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I have been playing FM14 for a few years now but very casually whenever I need to kill some time. Anyway I am managing Man U. As Man U I am not allowed to have any Under 21 team coaches. I have 3 coaches but I am advised to have 0. 

When I talked to my board I can only ask to decrease the Junior coaching budget. I am not even sure if this will increase my U21 coaches. Under the staff section I cannot ask to additional coaches. 

Can someone let me know how I can increase the number of coaches I am allowed. 

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Welcome to the forum.

Ultimately it's up to the Board to agree to let you have more coaches.  If the option isn't there to ask them, then you aren't allowed at present.  However, your U21s share coaches and facilities with your senior squad, so any senior squad coaches will also coach the U21s.  That should give you plenty of coaches.

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