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Tactical adjustments

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I am seeking help / solutions for problems regarding tactic that i created for my everton save, english is not my first language so be kind :)

So, I am playing Everton and i use 4312 system that I think is well balanced setup.

Only PI's are closing down much more on top 3 players and more on both cm's. As you can see the season started really well (2nd season), conceded little as nothing and we played really nice short passing football and were solid. I am aware that Everton wont beat all teams through all season, But I am curious why i start loosing matches and drop form. I have an idea why but also some questions.

Teams start to play differently against me maybe more cautioned, but what can i do with my approach to win that kind of teams without changing to much ?

Change defensive line ? Change passing style ? some role change ? So more or less what should i be looking at during games and why ? 

I just dont understand why i can be very solid in defence against team that attacks me and against weaker team its like my team cant defend... playing the exact same system... i can understand that i wont score against stubborn teams but not the defending part.

Hope you understand what i mean, and sorry for all the questions :)




Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 14.41.35.png

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 14.40.09.png

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 14.47.46.png

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 14.48.09.png

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I don't think you need advice on your tactic per sae... as from your initial results you can see the tactic works. You open yourself up to everyone having an opinion and your 4312 will soon evolve into a 4231 and all the roles will be different. For instance my preference would be to change your WBL to attack duty and your WBR to a FB on support. <--- do not follow this advice... it's my opinion/preference in general with no knowledge of your players etc

If you were in a relegation battle and had poor form consistently then yes your tactic is bad and you should start again or ask advice.

you need to identify the patches of bad form and what factors may have been in play other than your own formation.. did you have injuries, fatigue, bad morale after the cup defeat... what team talk did you give in the palace game after your 4-0 defeat to man utd... is there a common theme in the formation of the AI... do you need to use one of your slots to counter a specific formation?

(i.e. for me I cannot cope with Chelsea's 34021 tactic with any of my preferred formations.. so for that game alone I switch to an alternative ... however, using my 3 slots in normal practice I have one slot for playing against each of 4231, 4123, 4141 [or sometimes for different level of opposition hard, medium, easy])

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