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The Top 10 Pre-Season Prospect List has a bug - not sure if it is just with 1.4 or not.  It sometimes contains player well above the rookie threshold in games.

See Slavin and Trouba in image 1.

Trouba's history to show NHL games logged shown in image 2.

Interestingly, the individual team top prospect lists do not seem to have this bug, see Jets list in image 3.





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Looks to be an issue with your database and the player runtime information, which is basically a cached set of some data that is needed often, like total games, goals, assists etc in the current league / team the player is in. Typically when using the importer and importing an old EHM 2007 format database, you should tick the "Recalculate runtime data" as that is needed for all the cached historical data for players to be correct. This makes sure that all the said runtime information is up-to-date at the start of the game

However If you move players to different teams/leagues with an editor which edits the new game format database (ie. you edit the database after it has been run through the importer) that can invalidate some of the runtime data. So in these cases you need to re-calculate the runtime information in your editor. It might not be possible there yet though (assuming you are using the TBL editor) but if it is, then you'd need to do that before starting a new game on the edited database.

The official built-in editor will (in time, when it is finished) take care of these things automatically as when you export a game format database from there, it will always re-calculate the runtime data.

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