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Kit behind Player picture


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Was wondering if someone could help me. I want to put the player kit, like you can find for example in the CFM Skin, instead of this big square with the player name and club colour, seems like it would fit better.


Thanks in advance for the help.

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Tried that, didn't work because the kit becomes "cut off", it is necessary to mess with heights and stuff which I don't really know about , i can do some basic things, but not what I want.

Basically, this is where i'm standing


And I want to incorporate this



From what I've been looking, there's some stuff that has to be modded in the player overview panel(and in some more panels maybe) and some graphics that need to be copied over to the skin I'm using. Just not really sure what exact stuff should I move

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With all your help I was able to put in the kit and to increase the size of "the box" where the picture

This is what I have so far



Only thing left is to change the size of something so that the kit is completely visible and to add the club logo in the other size of the player head

Ideally, the face and kit would be pushed down a little so that they're standing closer to the signature, and therefore would open space so the club logo could fit

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I'm on 1920x1080, so no problem there. Where i found trouble was in finding the folders/files i needed to change. That's an amazing job, man! Thanks a lot, wouldn't be able to do that!

Now i'm going to mess around a little bit with the insets and stuff, see what I can get! Again, really apreciate it, thanks for all the help, always learning new things :applause:

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This is what i've end up with, i've disabled the third column, deleted the club logo in the middle there, so that it wouldn't appear two times in almost the same space, and also messed a little with widths and heights. Truly happy with it! Thanks again for all the help guys, couldn't have done it without you :brock:

Sorry for being a pain in the a** , but I was wondering if there is any way to add the CA/PA widget somewhere in that area where p.e. the wage and expire contract date are, replacing them. Already tried, know where the stuff is, but don't know how to make the widget work in the place of my choice

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