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Home-grown players only database [In process]

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Hello everybody,

A couple of days ago I came up with an idea to create a database comprised only of home-grown players. What I mean by that is all clubs will have only home-grown players. For instance, Benzema, Ben Arfa and others would be playing for Lyon, Neymar and Gabigol for Santos, etc. Additionally, I am thinking of placing a transfer embargo for all teams for 20+ years in order for the teams to stick to their home-grown players. Contracts will be signed for life, basically, until a player turns 35-36. So this database also can become a challenge for those, who are seeking something new in the game.

Lastly, I am thinking of doing the same for staff. What I mean os for teams to have only home-grown coaches/scouts, etc. Legends/Icons of this club can be exceptions.

Now, in order to bring this to life, I need your help as there are more than 430k players in the current database.

1. Currently I am planning to target only playable nations, but this may vary depending on a nation. What about let's say Pjanic, who is home-grown for a Bosnian team? That's what we need to decide.
2. A player is to weak for a club. Obviously, there are players who are home-grown for Man Utd, but who are way below their level. In this case, I would either let them stay at their current clubs or make them free agents. But before that is done, we need to determine the minimum CA/PA for a league or a club (based on their reputation).
3. What if a player is home-grown for two clubs? Preference will be given to a first club.
4. If you are willing to help, let me know what nation or league do you want to take.
5. I would suggest going club-by-club, meaning if you start doing Bayern, make sure that Robben is transferred back to Holland, Ribery to France, while all home-grown players are transferred back to Bayern.

Suggestions, comments and/or concerns are more than welcomed.

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Here's what I recommend you to do, since I believe there is no way to sort this out in the editor as easily, create a new save game, where you load all the leagues with a huge database, start unemployed. Then go club by club and with the in-game editor remove all players on the roster. Then go to the scout area, search for homegrown players and move them to their boyhood club.

You will have to choose between going with a save with all the leagues loaded or go to the pre-game editor and create a database, if you decide to do the latter it would be easy because you already have everything sorted out.

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