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The idea for this challenge is simply:

Win every top flight domestic league, starting from the least reputable competition to the highest. 


(I have downloaded Claassen's hugely impressive set of extra nation's so I can really start right at the bottom.)


The reputation of each competition can be found in the editor - I will provide an extensive list (incl. all of Claassen's nations) if there is enough interest in this from others. This is the first ten (where the number represents a reputation value out of 200 for the domestic top flight):

2 Kiribati
2 Northern Mariana
7 Guam
7 Bhutan
12 Tuvalu
13 American Samoa
15 Liberia
20 Tonga
20 Zambia
20 Mali

So I have loaded the bottom two nation's, Kiribati & Northern Mariana, as both of their top flights have the same reputation. (You can load as many as you want at one time, but must stay in order.) In this case, it is up to you which you try to conquer first, but to move on to higher reputation leagues, you should've won both top flight division titles!

I will add the next most reputable nation's leagues, Guam & Bhutan, when it is a possibility that I could move up to one of those nation's by the start of the next season.

Start out with a no-qualifications, Sunday league rep manager and unemployed. Apart from that, there are no other rules. Just to try to enjoy a successful, multi-national save in every corner of the globe! I'll be posting my progress here! :) 

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Definitely going to use this challenge as an alternate save, so i wont be spending as much time on this as my others but still some.

Question regarding the reputation, some leagues jump up reputation after seasons dramatically (Ive seen some go from 150th to 90th), so do we use the ingame ratings at the time or the original ratings at the start of the game, ignoring the rep gains/losses?

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Totally up to you! But I'm sticking to the reps in the editor, just to keep things simple. if you go by live in-game reps then you may end up going 'backwards' in terms of reputation when moving on. It'd be interesting to see the difference in paths between the two methods though...



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