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Loan wages and subsequent new contract on lower wages

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I had a couple of questions to ask regarding loans.

1) Why am I unable to ask clubs to pay 200% of wages? I mean the option is there but I can never select it as it is grayed out.

2) If I have a player out on loan, and his wages are being paid in full by the club I am loaning to. His wages are 145,000 p/w. I renegotiate a new contract with him and as per new terms I pay him only 84,000. When I go and check the contract info of the player, it still says that the club I have loaned the player to is paying 145,000 p/w whereas his contract with me (club that loaned him out) is showed at 84,000 p/w. So does that mean I am adding 61,000 p/w to my wage budget?

And this is my first question in here, so apologizing in advance if it is the wrong category or wrong forum or whatever.


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You sign a contract as part of the loan that they will pay 'x amount to the player' for the duration of the loan, What happens after that is between you and the player not the other club. That contract is still valid between you and the other club

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