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Scouting a Team

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Morning all


In FM17 there is a feature whereby you can scout a team and you get a report on them.  When I first started playing the beta, these reports included a list of players who could be loaned, which was a great help when managing in the lower leagues.  Recently I have used this feature again and never get any list of loanable players.  I appreciate that this may just be because no one at that team would join me on loan, however I am concerned that this is linked to the scouting bug in the 17.2 update.  Before I post in the bugs forum, I just wanted to ask anyone else of their recent experiences so that I can check this feature isnt just related to my game.



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Hi Junkhead, 

I've used this feature today as manager of Reading and when getting a report on Chelsea I was also given a list of players from Chelsea who could be available for loan. 

If you are having trouble getting this information when getting a team report then feel free to start a thread in the bugs forum and we will look into this further from there. Please let us know who you are managing and the teams you have attempted to get reports on. 



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Thanks for replying Ben


I've just attempted a number of teams and it now seems to work.  Feel free to close thread.

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