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Hi all,

Apologies for the absolute step 1 question. Promise I am a seasoned FM player, but first purchase while owning a laptop without a disc drive!

I have received FM2017 as a boxed CD version gift. I haven't opened yet though as I'm not sure whether I'm able to open the box (and remove my right to return!) and install the game with the code contained inside for Steam WITHOUT needing to insert the CD at any point into my Macbook Pro (which has no disc drive).

Could someone please confirm that I don't need the disc at all, just the code for Steam, then I can get cracking!


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If it mentions on the back of the box that the game requires Steam/online activation using Steam/anything about Steam, then you're good to go and won't need the CD at any point (just the game key and a Steam account).

I don't think there are any boxes that do not mention Steam on the back, but you can check just in case.

Here's a picture of my FM 2012 mentioning it on the back. I think it's been mentioned on the back of the box by default since FM 2012 (and even though my copies of FM2010 and FM 2011 don't mention Steam on the box, they were both activated on Steam perfectly fine).



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Added a picture from FM 2012 box for reference

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