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4-2DM-3-1 Control

Inspired by the tactic Cleon created in his art of possession article.  The roles, duties and formation are different, but the mentality and the team instructions happen to be the same.  I thought attacking mentality would be over ambitious for my Liverpool side, so went with Control, like Cleon.  In terms of the team instructions, I find leaving out work ball into box and shorting passing to be more logical for the way we want to play.  I want my players to shoot, and throughout the season there were quite a good amount of long shots scored by my players as well.  My coaching staff tell me that most of our goals have come from crosses, although it’s a little bit misleading, because most of these have been low crosses or even passes, through balls from wide.

His how the formation, roles and duties look:


No extra individual instructions for players apart from the SK(D), which has: Pass it shorter, take short kicks, distribute to centre backs and fewer risky passes.  The way are defence and midfield is set up we have sufficient cover.

I only started using this tactic at the Arsenal match, after realising my Attacking/Flexible tactic was no longer working with the new patch update.  I lost my first two matches with it, but I was impressed by the side, after hovering around mid-table during the early stages of the season, I ended up finishing third behind Tottenham and Utd.





I use a lot of passionate shouts.  I try vary my team talks so they don’t become repetitive.   I think this tactic can win the league for me, but when I started at the Arsenal match the tactical fluidity was really low.  So with a full season who knows? 

I train Team Cohesion on high all the time, with a least one day before the match dedicated to attacking movement.

Possession is highest in the league…hopefully it will improve next season as well, closer to the 60% mark.

possesion.jpgimage url

4-2DM-3-1 Control_03A14FA6-D5A4-415D-A51F-DE5D145A422E.fmf

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