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(Suggestion] Specify the min and max of the potential ability range in editor; also, skewed distributions

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I often like to switch young players' potentials from the fixed integer to the corresponding random integer range to add variability to my game saves (so I don't know which players are future stars as I do with the default database), but I found the 30 digit range to be a bit too broad in many cases. For players with very little professional experience, that broad of a range is suitable since it is hard to know how good a player can be until he's actually played some at the professional level. But for young players who have actually played some professionally but can still develop a fair amount (e.g. the Marcus Rashfords of the world), I think a range of, say, 150-180 is just too large. To give an example, sometimes I think a range of 165-180 is the most realistic for players who clearly have the potential to be good players in top leagues (165+) and may become world class players (~180), but not likely to be just decent (~150) or total world-beaters (~190). Regardless of the scenario, it would be much better if the editor allowed us to set the min and max to whatever values we deem appropriate. It would enable a lot more flexibility for those of us who like messing around in the editor, and it doesn't seem like a particularly difficult feature to implement in a database, either. 

I think the easiest solution would be to change the editor interface to have two fill in boxes that allow you to specify the minimum number and maximum number of the range. 


I know this is a stretch, but I think it would be even more awesome if the editor allowed us to set weights to the range of PA values. For example, we could set a player's PA range to be 165-180, but weight the random number generator to skew towards the 165 or 180 end, or just the mean of the range. This could be implemented in the editor by having another drop down option with three options: a skewed left, skewed right, and non-skewed normal distribution over the specified range (the lower and upper limits being the third standard deviatIon). Ideally, you could also set the mean of the skewed curves.


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