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[1.3] Disappearing Players Bug

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This is a new and exciting gamebreaking bug I accidentally found by making it so I cannot use 5/6 of the Coyotes best prospects ever (presumably). In season 1 I forgot that Dvorak, Perlini, Merkley, MacInnis and Fischer are all loaned to their respective CHL teams. 2 days before Training camp I noticed and recalled them from their loans, this usually only takes 1-2 days so they should be back just in time for camp. At least that was the plan, as it turns out it took them an extra day to get back, causing them to recall from their loans to my main team roster AFTER the training camp started. At first I thought they hadn't been recalled at all, because they weren't in the roster or practice screen. But the Report screen said they were in fact all called up and in the main team roster. I chalked this down to being a weird, but ultimately just annoying bug that probably would take care of itself after i used the report screen to send them back to juniors.

Imagine my surprise when they returned from their loans in the off-season and they still weren't present in the roster or practice screen. This is obviously a massive issue since it means there is no way for me to set their practice schedules or even dress them for games. I see no other option for me than to trade away 5/6 of my "top" prospects for picks.


Some screenshots for clarification:

Here is the report screen with all the affected players in blue, letting us know they are in fact in our main roster.



and the Roster screen, notice the distinct lack of all the aformentioned player.



and finally the Practice Screen.



I uploaded the save to the ftp with the name "Shindigs Missing Prospects.sav"


Edit: Just a little update, since Fischer is eligible to be sent to the AHL now I tried doing that and recalling him from there, in the hope that maybe that would at least make him show up in the roster/practice screen. It turns out that not only did that work, it also made all the other missing players appear.

Edit2: It turns out that when I sent down Fischer and "fixed" the issue on my end, it actually just moved the issue CHL side, because now any prospect that's been to my training camp is missing from their respective CHL team rosters, meaning I have 2 drafts worth of CHL players being "benched" until they hit 20...just great.

Edit3: And using the Editor to "loan" one of said CHL players to back to my team suddenly made all my CHL players appear on their respective rosters again. I'm assuming there is some sort of caching issue here, since forcing roster updates "fixes" the issue, at least momentarily. Remains to be seen if next time I have a training camp players start dissapearing on either end again.

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