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Been away a couple of years, so some MLS questions:

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Haven't played the game in a couple of years and was thinking about buying FM17...but first, I need three questions answered as I exclusively play MLS:

1. Does the salary cap increase with each year?  The reasons I stopped playing the last game (14 or 15?) was due to the fact that the league's salary cap never increased, which ruined the desire to embark on any sort of long career with the game.

2. How does the game do with regards to Atlanta and Minnesota entering the league?  Everything still work as it should, or do the new teams cause problems/errors/crashes?

3. Any terrible bugs/problems that I should know about?

Thanks in advance!

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I haven't had time to play FM16 since last February or March, but that version had yearly increases to salary cap. I think it was about a 5% increase every year. Also you can buy down a DP contract when I played which is a nice feature. I suspect the same features will be available for FM17. I hope to see TAM in FM17 though as well as AUFC and MUFC (Atlanta and Minnesota). 


Edit: found this interesting thread about the cap 

Edit2: I found this about MUFC so I'm guessing AUFC will be in FM17 as well.


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Both the expansion teams are in the game and are part of the league schedule for 2017.  In addition there is an expansion draft at the end of the 2016 playing year, which caught me by surprise.  Overall I think the game does a good job of modeling MLS.

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