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Waiver exemption period / ''Buried'' contracts rule / Retained salary transactions ?

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Hi Riz,

1. '' Waivers go into effect 12 days before the start of the regular season. Waivers last until the day after a teams playing season. '' That also includes the playoffs.

This exemption has not been implemented in the game.

2. I believe EHM 1.2 added the buyout contract option !  So does the game now has the implementation of the buried contract rule ? '' Teams do not receive full cap relief when a player on a one-way NHL contract is reassigned to the American Hockey League, or is loaned to a team in another professional league. '' As I can remember, in EHM, the full salary cap hit of a player was removed if that player was demoted to a minor league. 

That would be the only reason to use the buyout option otherwise you just get rid of the player through waivers and then demote him to the AHL. So the ''buried'' contract rule would be an important thing to have in the game if not there already ?

3. Now what about retained salary transactions ? Is it now also possible in game to trade players and have a team retain a portion of the salary cap hit of the player being traded away ? 

Thanks for the great game and the time that can be spent on it.


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Not all rules can be implemented 100% realistically at the moment, so there might be some small details that are not implemented. As for this particular waiver rule, I don't think this makes players exempt from waivers really, just defines the time window for when players can be waived. So functionally it should work the same in the game.

Yes, buyout rules were added in 1.2 update.

Retained salaries in trades are not yet a feature. Might look into that in the future one day though.

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