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FM-17 The Giant 70 Challenge (Requires claassens Mega Pack)

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Most likely my first update for my restart will come tomorrow, looks like a promising season. Wait for it....

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On 8/21/2017 at 17:58, TheEarl said:

My biggest apologize for not responding here for ages. I fell totally out of interest for FM for a good half year. I will return now, but somewhat less interested than before.

Great progress for @Sankalan and @oohlala111  hope you will continue with this challenge again sometime.

@bigmattb28 hope you get lucky this time around.

@winterburnsilva you can post update here as often or seldom as you want, can see in your own post you have played a few seasons. Good luck in Albania, and hope you get success there too. A small note here just telling us how many seasons you have played and to what success would be appreciated though.

@vikeologist I also hope this challenge can kick off again, I will try to do a restart myself in a few days from now, as I think all my prior savegames in FM17 are gone.

Well I just bought a gaming laptop that straight from the box is faulty so that's getting sent back I was going to restart AGAIN but will continue with the save I just did start for now on my current older laptop. All being well will actually get somewhere with this!

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