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I need some help. I've played FM since 96/97 but still can't solve this horrendous problem.

Long story short....I took over Liverpool and left Crystal Palace in March 2018, ending the season in 17th place, avoiding relegation by a point. The team cannot stop shipping goals. Seven against Leicester, 3 versus Newcastle and four against Arsenal, Chelsea, Bournemouth (4 in first 28 minutes) and Southampton.

I play a 4-2-3-1, control mentality and fluid. Here is my line-up:

Joe Hart.

Moreno (FBA), Lovren (BPD), Mammana (BPD), Clyne (FBA).

Henderson (BWM) David Silva (ADP)

Coutinho (IF), Firmino (ADP), Burke (RWA)

(striker is a gen, stats are CA.136 & PA. 176)

I have five star defensive and tactics training, with the player players all completely comfortable with the tactics asked. I'm missing something and desperately need some help!

Thanks, Nick

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Whilst I'm no guru (see my thread struggling with Leeds), there's possibly a lack of a sitting / holding player to cover the CDs.  Both FBs will get forward on attack and Henderson as BWM will probably be aggressive in closing down.  I presume ADP is an Advanced Playmaker?  So Silva will be up the pitch as well, especially if Attack rather than Support.

Any TIs set?

Where you are conceding the goals from?  Are you getting counter-attacked a lot?

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You need to provide full details of your set up.  Player roles and duties, team instructions, player instructions.  An idea of how you want to play along with the type of problems you are having will also help.

In the mean time, have a think about how much risk you are taking with your chosen mentality, especially in relation to your flanks and (lack of) midfield.  Have a quick check in the FAQs at the top of this forum.

And telling us your striker's CA and PA is pointless as those stats are meaningless.  Much more important is the role/duty you have chosen and his relevant attributes.

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Nicbar you and i have the same team, however I dont have the two centre backs!


I wouldnt use those two as BPD's either, 

Coutinho i use as a very narrow AP(s) on he left Firmino SS and Burke IF (s)


with the BWM and AP im assuming they are set to support? the BWM set on support defends from the fron rather than offering defensive stability. 


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