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[Suggestion] Alternate Squad Depth View: Player Profile Cards

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I'd like to see an alternate view for the Squad Depth screens, for say Best XI and by position, where we can switch to a player card like view where we see the players photo and a summary of key information. The new squad depth screen already has the makings of this, especially the best XI.

Profile card would contain the following:

  • Player face
  • Player name
  • Position
  • Role
  • Star Rating
  • Value
  • Nationality
  • Club logo
  • Defending value
  • Physical value
  • Speed value
  • Vision value
  • Attacking value
  • Technical value
  • Aerial value
  • Mental value

Note: attribute values are as per the the player comparison overview radar.

For the Squad Depth views that list multiple people for each position,  where you currently can click on that position and get a popup chart with ratings for the players, this could be switched to a player card profile view with the best players are ranked left to right.

Rough Example of player card:


Having the profile cards viewable would reduce the need to have to click into each player to view stats etc and not just judging based on the star rating.


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