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Editing the Dynamic Ads

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9 minutes ago, michaeltmurrayuk said:

Locate this section of code in the xml file:

<record id="135" edge_type="0" edge_index="1" />

And that allows you to assign the adboard to appear in a certain place - id is the id of the adboard, index assigns it to the position starting from the dugout, 1 is the first one after the dugout, 2 is the next onwards, negative numbers assign them to the other side of the dugout, not sure what type does (possibly sets whether it's pitch side or in the stands?). Each board can only be assigned to one position, so if you want the same image to appear in more than one place you'd need to give it another id.

If you have an adboard assigned to a set postion and one not for the same comp then they should rotate, though I didn't test this fully so something else might control it so you might need to play around with the various commands in the file. (aslo when editing the adboard you need to exit and restart the game instead of just reloading the skin).

Thanks for your reply I'll have a play about with it.

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