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Contracts, Greed and FFP

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Would like to see a few small additions made to player management in terms of finance and contracts.

1. Financial fair play (in terms or player payments) is (generally, to my knowledge) measured by a player's wage + an amortisation of their transfer fee over the life of their contract + what ever bonuses and other payments they receive. Would be nice if the player's overall (maximum and minimum including bonus) FFP cost per period (week, month, year) was shown on the player contract screen. There's lots of space for it there. If someone know where else such can be found, would be great to know. But lacking that, it would not be difficult for SI to add such in to the game.

2. I think a greediness attribute should be included in player personality attributes. Players with high greediness would be more inclined to push for higher wages (sometimes even if it means moving to other clubs such as in China), and vice-versa for low greediness.

3. Much better documentation around how finances are calculated including (in particular) FFP, which is broadly poorly explained to players by the game

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