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Game crashes after couple of days

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Game freezes after couple of days. Than my notebook freezes. The only way is doing ctrl+alt+delete and than turning of the computer. Tried with another team as well, same result. The most recent was 11/7/2016 ingame. Also deleted the game and re-installed, same result. 


I have a i7 6700HQ with Gtx960 and 8gb ram memory. Running rambased games like EU4, Csgo without any problems. Also gpu based games like dying light and Cities skylines are no problem. 


Those are the crashdumps. 

FM 2017 v17.1.1.899420 (2016.11.05 13.51.38).dmp

FM 2017 v17.1.1.899420 (2016.11.12 20.39.52).dmp

FM 2017 v17.1.1.899420 (2016.11.12 20.53.05).dmp

FM 2017 v17.1.1.899420 (2016.11.13 12.30.46).dmp

FM 2017 v17.1.1.899420 (2016.11.13 16.57.33).dmp

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