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FM 17: Leeds United - Pontus Janssons Magic...

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5 minutes ago, sherifelgendy87 said:

Usually, I prefer 4-2-3-1 Wide and I change instructions based on the players I have.

For this tactic and based on this year team, I think I need a DC to play along side Jansson, DL of course. AMR or AML and ST

I like to buy players who are better than what I already have and not backups. I buy regens or youth prospects as backups. They are cheap and I don't like investing money in a backup

Personally I think you're well set in wide positions - Dallas, Alioski, Roofe & Cibicki should be good enough, at least until January.

LB you need, but that won't be difficult.  Pennington in my view is good enough to partner Jansson, but if you can find a young CB with potential that doesn't eat your budget then it's a good shout.

Biggest call is Lasogga - he's a target man with  my least favourite PPM - so I think it'll be hard work getting loads from him.  I always sold Wood last year for the same reason.

In my opinion the biggest issue is CM, we have nobody (as you see in real life) with any bite who can win the ball, I'm spending a lot of time trying to find a proper ball winner but no real luck so far.

I'll be keeping most of my budget until January and seeing what the market opens up then

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A quick look on available players for different positions:

DC: Sebastian Boenisch is available on a free transfer with a decent rating

DL: Fabian Schönheim can be bought for around 2M. He is a solid defensive fullback and can be used as a defender

CM/DM: Mirko Gori (2.5M), or Seydou Keita, Mohamed Sissoko, Abou Diaby but I don't like buying older players

AMR: Steven Skrzybski which will cost around 5M, Ángel Lafita or Milos Krasic

AMC: No good options available

AML: Luca Paganini (Bought him for 1.6M)

ST: Rondón

All of these players are decent enough for championship but I haven't found any available star players yet 

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I keep going back to a lad call Kaan Ayhan.  Should be available for £3m ish (but you can pay some of this on promotion and/or installments).

He can play DC/DM and MC naturally and has good stats all over.

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15 hours ago, sherifelgendy87 said:

Anyone starting FM 18 thread???

I think the team this year is better than before with good starting budget. I'm looking for suggestion for players to buy in 2018 and I need some suggestions.

Here is my transfer business mate. Got Junca in at left back, he looks solid and only 23. Ajer in with a future fee of 6.5 mil, he will partner Pontus. I mainly focussed on defence, with the exception of Watson, who is premier league quality (just a tad expensive)


I ended Penningtons loan, a cheaper and better option is Bjordal

Rom Peiser is a model citizen again so got him in for tutoring, with a look at adding him as head of youth.



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