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Summay: Specify, or draw in some way, how to pressure the opponent team in detail.

Most of the times I do not want to press a certain player, one of the CBs or a FB. I know I can achieve this by setting opponent instructions on the specific player (close down -> never) but the way my attacker handles this instruction is not effective at all. They just sit and wait whereas I would like to see the player taking distance, but covering the passing line to another player close to him.

E.g. Do not close down the opponent LCB.

My RW would pressure the opponent LB, my LW would pressure the opponent RB and my ST would cover the passing line to the opponent RCB and the midfielders would take care of the midfielders in a similar way.

I feel a pressure system in greater detail could really show the greatness of a football manager.

What do you folks think?

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