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Versatile formation during game

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Summary: Play a different formation when attacking than when defending.

Say you manage a team and you fancy a 5-3-2. For the sake of this example you implemented this 5-3-2 with two wing backs who want to go forward. The problem with this, in my opinion, is that I do no want both wing backs to go forward at the same time.

In order to create a dynamic play style I want to see one of the wing backs go forward and the other one to sit, depending on on which side the ball is or in the case of a counter attack which wing back will most likely be involved. The players are now lined up as a 4-4-2, but the entire formation is out of shape. I want the midfield to properly line up as a 4 men midfield, so the rcm goes more wide. I want the defense to properly line up as a 4 men defense, so all go a bit to the left.

When the opposition has the ball again, the players line up as a 5-3-2.

What do you folks think?

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