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Corners Subs and offside

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I've been playing your game a few years now and I am still NONPLUSSED by the Game Engine! Why is it even in the 2016 version, that every time I make a substitution, the opposition score? -(This goes back to the 2012 version!); then if I don't make a sub one of my key players gets injured??  Why is it that the referee calls offside when there can be up to 4 players (defenders)  in front of the the attacker? before the ball is played? Eh???  Why is it that the only team that seems to score from corners are the opposition?? In the 2012 version it was my team and the others scoring from corners, now, half way through the season, my team have not scored one!! but the opposition have, what!! (despite tinkering etc)?? I really enjoy your game, BUT, I have coached this wonderful game in real life for 30+ years, and cannot work out your game engine at all, as it is, in some parts, unrealistic to the actual game as played. Might I suggest that you review this, and if not already, get someone on board who has coached/played the game at a top level as this part of it is REALLY frustrating.

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Welcome to the forums

Before the forums react to your post let me try and help:

So, every time you make a sub, the opposition scores- every time-really?  There is no game code that can possibly make this happen

There are referee mistakes coded in and so there will be an odd offside that is wrong-

If you are not scoring from corners and the opposition is, then there is something wrong with your team's instructions and corner settings.  The AI manager uses the same code as you, so they are using it better than you.

The match engine that you watch is a visual representation of the game code and is acknowledged to have some shortfalls in reflecting  this accurately

Do you really think that this game, that has been going for around 25 years, has had absolutely no input from players, coaches and other football professionals?

I suggest that you head over to the tactics forum and have a read at some of their guides to get some help.

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I do hate to say this, but it is your tactics. Honestly, I score more than I concede from corners, including from not-quite-cleared balls which are played back into the box (I include these, not sure if the stats do). Either your players are not good at set pieces, or you have no well set up the set piece routines. It is really as simple as that. You can also use match training if this is a problem.

It is completely nonsense that every time you make a sub, the AI team scores. This is almost certainly confirmation bias. You remember the times this happens, not when it doesn't. Also, you could be more inclined to make changes when you are struggling or under pressure. This will skew your bias further.

Finally, if you are a coach you must understand that sometimes your team does badly, sometimes you cannot score or concede too much. Sometimes refs make stupid mistakes. You have to take it on the chin, it is only a game after all. Head over to the tactics forums and ask for a bit of aid.

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