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French Real Lower League Level 5

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You have been looking forward to it ? Here it is … The update for the 5th division “CFA2” on Manager-Online in the v1.0 !

It follows the pyramid organisational structure of the French championship and for the first time clubs are entering the French Cup (CDF) and League Cup (CDL) competitions according to their divisions!
  • 1.0 Version launched 8th november, 2016
  • 2.0 Version launched 10th november, 2016
  • Compatible with the last version of Football Manager 17.1.1
  • Be careful, you have to start a new game to have access to the update.


  • NOVEL : French Cup : clubs enter the competition according to their divisions (Ex: L1 clubs take part in the competition in 1/32-finals)
  • NOVEL : French Cup: if there is a 2-division difference between two teams, the smaller will automatically host the match (as in reality)
  • NOVEL League Cup :clubs also enter this competition according to their divisions
  • Some missing teams were created with their own colours and stadiums (but the players were not, you may understand that it takes too much time)
  • The pyramid organisational structure of the French championship is the real one:
    • Ligue 1
    • Ligue 2
    • National
    • CFA (4 playable groups made of 16 clubs)
    • CFA 2 (8 groups made of 14 clubs)
  • Not any teams or players had been modified or added.
  • The Ligue 1 fixtures is like the real one (teams host every two matches)
  • NEW Fine of 80 € and 230 € by yellow and red card until National.
  • NEW : Fine of 15 € and 30 € by yellow and red card from the CFA.
  • NEW (BÊTA) Geographical draw option for the French Cup in order to limit travel costs for low teams before professional teams enter in Cup.
  • NEW The French Overseas Territory are in the French Cup.
  • NEW True rules for loans and transfers (restrictions and quotas and the transfer window period with addition of transfer out mercato (joker, seriously injured during national team matches, etc.).Respected winter break.


  • Don’t use Real Fixtures
  • Disabled Do not Add Key Staff
  • Add players to Playable Teams (In order not to have unavailable players)
  • Play with a large or huge database
  • Add an extended database (All the French players/divisions)
    • NEW : You can download this tool and not to have to tick all the boxes : CFA2MO tool, put it in Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\db setups and follow this help


  • Move the downloaded .fmf folder file to:
    • Windows : Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2017/editor data
    • MAC : Users/"Name"/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2017/editor data
  • Create folder "editor data" if it doesn't exist already
  • Run Football Manager 2017 and start new save with this database enabled.



Credits : Sanglier_Lorrain, Beny62 & Aldav for Manager-Online (www.manager-online.fr)



Published: 08.11.2016
Updated: 10.11.2016
File Size: 34,83 KB

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File Error.
Update temporarily unavailable.
Please excuse us.
Back to normal in the day, hopefully.


11 minutes ago, IsthmianCorinthian14 said:

Will you cover the 6th level like last version, later on?

Want to get Luzenac up there again. 

Like last year we will do until 9th level

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Update Available!
Thank you for your patience.
In case of problems, thank you to tell us immediately.

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Thank you for this update!

Started with Paris FC and thanks to this update the B team is playing in a real league (CFA2). My u19s do not play in any league at all, same goes for the U19s in other leagues (except for Ligue1). Is this right?



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It's correct.
When we publish our 9th level (PH), the U19 will have their championship ;)

It will be unprecedented

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I download this mod every year. Glad this and Belgium are finally up! Can't wait for Level 9. :D

At least with this mod France is playable. Always hated the CFA being disabled in vanilla.

Edited by sevestra

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Hello, tnahks for you great job, but I would like to know if I can to play a save with Racing Club de France football Colombes 92 ( Racing Paris ) ?


Thanks for your reply



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