[FM17] The Hart Chronicles - Volume II: Adam Hart is 'Yes Man'!

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All we could do was win our game and hope the other results went out way. We took an early 20 minute lead, but in the 2nd half early on, Bristol got a goal back to make it 2-1. Paul Docherty made it 3-1 on the hour mark, but Bristol got another back and made us sweat late on, but we held on. 

Did results go our way elsewhere? Well, Crewe beat Leyton Orient 1-0, to book themselves a place in the Playoffs, but what about Blackburn against bottom placed Hartlepool? Well it turns out I actually misread the results and it was Blackpool who had Hartlepool not Blackburn. 




Blackburn had 2nd place Carlisle. And Carlisle beat them \o/ \o/ \o/ 




I've ended up making the Playoffs after all :D 




We've got Derby County in the Semi Final. Tbh I think any one of the 3 teams would've been a difficult tie for different reasons, so I don't think it matters too much. All we can do is our best and see what happens. I wasn't expecting to make the Playoffs with Swindon and was already planning for another season in League 1, but if we manage to get promoted to the Championship, then that's great, we certainly have the money for it. Of course the way that the draw has been made, it could, quite sensationally, set up a Wembley Playoff Final with Blackpool.

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Epic! Best of luck for the playoffs!

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Cracking end to the season! Best of luck against Derby!

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