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[FM17] Tactics Squad Screen, Intro Panel (resizing issue)

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I have added a new fonts and im getting a issue with the font sizes. 

How would i resize to fix this issue 

Thank you in advance 


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For the first one locate this line in the 'panels\team\team squad tactics panel' xml file:

        <widget class="tactic_player_list_table" id="pltb" customisation_context="play" database_table_type="1" view_setting_name="stored_tactics_view" mode="fill_rows, select_rows, select_multiple, stripe_rows, printable, store_sort_state, drag_rows, drop_on_rows, show_insert_column_popup" column_mode="resize_columns, move_columns, custom_views" row_spacing="1" popup_menu_class="popup_button_table_header" row_height="31">

And change the bolded row height value. You might also need to do the same in the 'panels\match\match team squad' xml file for the match screen.

For the second one look in the 'panels\game\intro panel' xml file, locate this bit of code:

          <!-- Start New Football Manager Career-->
          <container class="intro_panel_button" height="50" file="game/intro panel button bottom" id="fmcg" icon="icons/custom/start screen/career">

And increase the height value, and then repeat for the other options below it.

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