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Can stadium and other facilities deteriorate

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Hey I am just curious is facilities get downgraded or deteriorate over time.

I am aware that if the club gets into financial difficulty then they will lose funding but am curious whether you need to occasionally ask the board to invest more into them.

I am asking as I have all my training and youth recruitment etc up to the maximum level.

Thanks in advance.

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Thank you is there any idea how long different thing degrade then? I'm more interested in the youth recruitment and junior coaching tbh all other facilities make sense that they need maintaining.

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Thanks FrazT that is very usefull info I still image that the Junior coaching and youth recruitment may downgrade at a larger rate just due to the nature of these tasks but I do hope it only happens in this scale.

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Partly on topic:

Are Stadium increases more realistic this time? FM 15 had Swansea building an extension that included a massive difference between the corners and main stand.

Can you ask the Club to install  3G ?

Can you kick out a ground-sharing Club? 

Do they contribute equally to maintenance or are the Stadiums treated independently? If AC Milan get an upgrade will Inter get one to?

Previous FM's would have Gloucester City ''Moving to a new ground'' at the start of a game this invariably ended up being too the one they were still sharing with Cheltenham. 

Will a rented Stadium have restrictions on what can be done to it or will it be treated as the Clubs ground?

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In regards to the ground shared stadiums it depends on the agreement ie some own it and rent to the other club which could include maintenance in the rent or have it charged separately so it depends on the agreement in place.

There are different grass compounds on fm don't think they have 3g specifically but I know they have synthetic and grass. Could be a trademark issue.

I think fm would make the club choose to leave I doubt you can kick them out but this would be  a board level issue so wouldn't affect us as a manager.

I would imagine that a rented stadium cannot be expanded but also the board could negotiate with the owners to expand the stadium which would inevitably change the rental agreement.

In regards to realistic stadium upgrades I'm unaware of the issue you describe but I imagine that the game splits your stadium into segments and then chooses different ones to upgrade so unfortunately I imagine that this problem could occur again but it would depend what rules the developers have put in the coding.

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