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FM17: FC St. Pauli

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FC St. Pauli

FM2017 Team Guide

 St Pauli Badge.png St Pauli Skull.png


FC St Pauli, is a German sports club based in the St. Pauli quarter of Hamburg.

The team dropped down to the Regionalliga in 2003, at that time the third highest football division in Germany and remained there for four years. In 2007, they won promotion back to the 2. Bundesliga and in 2010, they were promoted to the Bundesliga. Since the 2011–12 season, they have played in 2. Bundesliga.

FC St Pauli has a cross-town rivalry with Hamburger SV, the matches between the two are known as the Hamburger Stadtderby. The club also has a rivalry with Hansa Rostock. While the footballers have enjoyed only modest success on the field, the club is widely recognised for its distinctive culture and has a large popular following as one of the country's "Kult" clubs. FC St. Pauli supporters are highly identified with left-wing politics





St. Pauli enjoys a certain fame for the left-leaning character of its supporters: most of the team's fans regard themselves as anti-racist, anti-fascist, anti-homophobic and anti-sexist. The organisation has adopted an outspoken stance against racism, fascism, sexism, and homophobia and has embodied this position in its constitution. Team supporters traditionally participate in demonstrations in the Hamburg district of St. Pauli, including those over squatting or low-income housing, such as the Hafenstraße and Bambule. The centre of fan activity is the Fanladen St. Pauli. The club prides itself on having the largest number of female fans in all of German football

The club has many fan clubs around the world, in England probably the most notable being Yorkshire St. Pauli



The home venue of the FC St Pauli is the Millerntor-Stadion. Work on the stadium began in 1961, but its completion was delayed until 1963 as there was initially no drainage system in place, making the pitch unplayable after rain. It originally held 32,000 supporters, but the capacity was later reduced for safety reasons.
In 1970, the stadium was renamed Wilhelm Koch-Stadium, in honour of a former club president, but this name became highly controversial when it was discovered that Wilhelm Koch had been a member of the Nazi Party during the war. After protests by fans, the name was changed back to Millerntor-Stadion in 1999.
A total redevelopment began in 2006. The final phase of the redevelopment work ended with the completion of the new north stand in July 2015. The stadium is since then permitted for a capacity of 29,546 spectators of which 16,940 are standing and 12,606 are seated.
The Stadium is located next to the Heiligengeistfeld, and is overlooked by the infamous Flak Tower IV to the north and a building of the Deutsche Telekom to the south. It can easily be reached with the Hamburg U-Bahn line U3 (St. Pauli Station and Feldstrasse Station).



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Squad Analysis - First Team

The following analysis has been done without playing any games so is subject to a lot of change. One of the great things with FM is that players who look like they wont perform for you on paper actually play better than what you think, and obviously the system you play, and how you look to build a squad will play a massive part. 




Ageing and already playing a backup role at the club. Can cover for the odd suspension or injury but you should be looking for a replacement longer term, the answer to that could be in the U'19 squad in the shape of Stefan Rakocevic (More on him later).


Should be your starter in the first season, more than good enough for this level. Although he doesn't show that he is going to improve that much he is a good age and should be good enough to allow you to strengthen in other areas.




Can cover both full back positions but probably backup at best, at 29 not a long term option.


Best right back at the club (Unless you plan on playing Philipp Ziereis there), has good stats for the position and should do well. More suited to a defensive full back role, so if your looking to play attacking full backs then you may need to look at other options


Almost completely the opposite to Hornschuh in that defensively Hedenstad is very poor (11 tacking, 8 positioning, 10 marking) but his attacking stats are very good, looks more suited to being a winger. If your looking to play attacking full backs he may be an option, if your looking for more defensive options then look elsewhere.


The best left back at the club, good age and shouldn't need to look anywhere else for the first season. Solid defensive and attacking stats mean he should be able to play in a variety of systems. Can also cover in the midfield positions down the left hand side.


Doesn't have the required current ability to push Buballa for a starting sport, at 21 though he is young enough to reach his potential. Maybe a candidate for a loan first season, or give games in the 2nd team.


Captain and one of 3 good centre back options at the club for this level, at 29 is the oldest of the three which may become a factor for some if they want to blood younger players. Unless your going to play 3 at the back it's probably a straight fight between Gonther and Ziereis  but moving the latter to right back could get the best players (and your captain) on the pitch.


There's not much in it but looks the best centre back at the club, good solid stats and at 25 a good age. More than good enough for this level and may even be able to play the level above should that become the case. At 6' 5" you will be hoping for him to dominate in the air in this league.


At 23 one of the younger defensive options and maybe the one to build your defence around. First decision is whether you see him playing in front of either Gonther or Sobiech or if you require him to play at right back which he is more than capable of doing. If you want to play 3 at the back you have 3 great options.




The only natural defensive midfielder at the club although there are other options who can play there if needed. He can also play as a centre back (and Right back) and his media description is actually this position rather that the DM one. A good player to have around the squad just for his ability to cover a number of positions.


A good option on either side of the midfield and plenty good enough for this league. Passing could do with improvement but at 29 there probably isn't too much more growth in his game.


Very pacy winger who can play either side and will attract interest from bigger clubs from the off (In my game 2 Bundesliga clubs are interested), the club has good options in the wide positions so it may be a good opportunity to make a bit of money, alternatively he could be difference between mid table and pushing into the higher positions.


On loan from a Turkish side and like many of the wide options at the club can play either side. There is a future free arranged but at over 2 million this looks like it will be too much. The loan cannot be terminated so will be part of your squad first season.


A young player and probably not going to push for a starting place in the current squad, 2nd team games or a loan may be best option. Does have good potential if it can be reached so maybe worth keeping around.


A player who can play in both central midfield and defensive midfield as well as play right back. A combative midfielder and will push for a starting spot. May be the best defensive midfield option at the club currently.


Like Nehrig he can play both DM and MC positions but is a more of an attacking option. Has good potential so may be worth giving him games in the first season to see how he develops. Misses up to 2 months at the start of the season.


Has the potential to become the best player at the club, can play out wide on the right and also in the AMC position. If you did decide to move Miyaichi on for the money then Kyoung-Rok is a great option to build the team around. 


Pretty much a mirror image of Kyoung-Rok in terms of the positions he plays, but in this case the left hand side. Looks like his best position is on the wing, but a more technical play rather than a quick/nippy winger. Very good option but the next player on the list in Dudziak may be preferred.


A left winger with the biggest potential ability in the whole squad. Can also play in both central midfield and the more advanced attacking midfield area. Signed from Dortmund and at 20 someone you can try to build this St. Pauli team around if you play wide men.



Fafà Picault - Probably the weakest option of the 3 out and out strikers at the club but can also fill the wider positions too. Unless he proves to be useful in those positions or he fits into a 2 striker system you want to play there are probably better options out there.


The first of 2 good options at this level, but it will probably depend on the system you decide to play as to how many games Aziz will get. Ducksch is a very simular option, has slightly more potential and is a much younger option which could see Aziz as a backup.


The youngest and potentially the best striker at the club. Doesn't have the greatest work rate so this is where Bouhaddouz may get the nod in systems where pressing the position is key, one of those players where games will decide the role he will play.


Squad Analysis - Under 19's

Under 19's.PNG

There are only 2 players in the Under 19 squad at the start of the game so not much to develop to start with. Both players who are there so potential, especially Stefan Rakocevic. It may be worth using him as backup goalkeeper in the first season instead of Heerwagen.

Squad Analysis - St Pauli II

The team don't have a schedule in the first season as they are not in a playable league. Analysis of this squad to follow but no immediate starters in this squad, a few with potential though.

St. Pauli II.PNG

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Looking forward to seeing this develop.

I've started a save with FC. St Pauli. So far four games in and top of the league, with two wins and two draws. Also into the second round of the DFB Pokal against a regionalliga team.

Have created a structure down to the Oberligas. Haven't created the exact play off/promotions from the oberliga to regionalliga, far too complicated. Basically done all top teams promoted from the oberliga's, plus one through a play off. Promotion from regionalliga to liga.3 through play offs has been created to what actually happens.

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The opening pictures of the thread don't work. At least I can't see them.

Nice to have St. Pauli here. :)

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Pictures at the top of the post should be sorted now

Hopefully I'll update with how my game is going in the coming days. 5 League games in and I'm W 2 D 2 L1 sitting mid table

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I'm not at home now but I was wondering maybe to start a St. Pauli save and try something like this:


Does anyone know if the club has any defenders who can play the "libero" role?

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