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FM16 - Strange Counterattack Behavior

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Hola, wasn't sure whether to put this in bugs/tac forum, or here, but figured it's too common to be a bug and is rather a match engine issue or a tactic issue.

So I've noticed and consistently had this issue in my fifth season on FM16. Every time we retrieve or clear the ball for a counter attack around center field, my players (mostly regens) run wide with the ball, always aiming at getting as wide as possible. It doesn't matter whether they have a clear path to the goal or if it's a 3v1 situation, or whatever, they just dribble wide and aim to eventually cross or sometimes even run with the ball out the throw line. I run a fluid control tactic with balanced width, no exploit the middle/flanks, no overlap, just with run at defense (good dribblers in attack), play out of defense, be expressive and higher tempo. Most of them also don't have the run wide ppm. As the result out of tens of counters, I don't remember ever scoring a goal, my team always fails miserably eventually trying to pass or cross after they squandered the shot at the potential one on one. It really looks ridiculous.

Have you ever had this problem and if so, can someone propose a fix? I provided all the info I could think of and I don't really observe this in opponent teams; my team is good, we're currently first in Premier League.

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