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4-3-1-2 Gamebreaker FM17 Tactic. By The Reckonist (not me)

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Taken from FM Scout. Won the league with Everton in 1st season. 110 goals. This is crazy.

4-3-1-2 Gamebreaker - What to expect

Fueled by pure hatred of the dominance 4-2-3-1 tactics, I decided to try and break them. Using a patient, narrow, short passing possession based style. I have received staggering results with this one and I will share them with you. 

This strategy marches down the centre of the pitch and a cold methodical way. Quick passes in a tight space with many options for the person in possession due to the amount of bodies in a small area. 90+ goals with West Ham after one season using this. Quite possibly a game breaker. 


This tactic meets the philosophies of Play attacking football AND play possession based football without the use of wingers.

  • High Possession
  • High Shot count
  • Plenty of goals from set plays.
  • Return of the Target Man in Football Manager.
  • Consistently punch above your weight.
  • Meets criteria for both Play Attacking Football and Play Possession football Club Philosophies


4-3-1-2 Gamebreaker - Team Makeup

Positional sense is of the utmost importance. Solid, hardworking, committed physical players who will work as a team to win tackles and be able to pick the correct pass. 




Gamebreaker - Key Attributes and PPM's per position

First line is PPM's and second line is key stats.

GK: none 
-Arial Ability, Command of Area, Concentration.

FB: none
-Anticipation, Strength, Positioning, Teamwork, Work rate. 

BPD: Tries Long Range Passes
-Composure, Passing, Positioning

CD: Marks opponent tightly. 
-Strength, Aggression, Jumping Reach, Bravery, Tackling, Positioning

BWM: Dictates Tempo, Stop Play. Dwells on Ball.
-Strength, Positioning, Team Work, Work Rate, Aggression, Decisions

DLP: Comes Deep to get ball, Tries Long Range Passes, Tries Killer Balls Often
-Composure, First Touch, Passing, Creativity, Anticipation, Positioning 

APA: Moves into Channels, Plays One-Twos, Runs with Ball Through Centre, Tries killer balls often. 
Set as primary set piece taker in the tactic be default.
-Composure, First Touch, Passing, Creativity, Anticipation, Off the ball, Flair, Vision

TM: Strength, Balance, Heading, Jumping Reach, Finishing, Teamwork.
-Plays with back to goal 

Poacher: Likes to beat Offside trap.
- Anticipation, Off The Ball, Finishing, Acceleration, Agility, Composure

Remember, the above list is the IDEAL and you should aim for one or two of the PPM's at 'weaker' teams.
Iam not creator

Gamebreaker 4-3-1-2 by The Reckonist.tac

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Has nobody else downloaded this? Having decided not to buy FM17 I caved in today and have started a journeyman save landing at Weston Super Mare. Currently we're 8 games in, 6 wins and 2 draws, I've totally dominated every game despite being roughly the 3rd/4th worst team in the league.

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Im using it too with my tiny Bromley FC. Working wonders so far but the lack of quality among my players shines trough from time to time. Defending against crosses are hell, just like with any other tactic :-) Also I haven't yet found the recipe to stand against teams that only plays counter attacking. 

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this looks very interesting I usually have a save playing as Man Utd so I go traditional with wingers and this wont be suitable


however I also try a conference club team where I experiment and this looks ideal for a change of tactics


many thanks

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I'm completely powerless when the opposition goes to 4123 DM Wide. Changing the Full Backs to "Defend" and man marking the wingers, seems to help a bit, but overall the opposition just look massively over powered in that formation. I know it's Beta but this is ridiculous. 

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I'm currently using something like this. My team instructions are the same, I will change the mentality depending on who I'm up against though.

I have slightly different settings for my FBs, I play them as WB with the support role. My midfielders are also slightly different along with my strikers and AMC role.

I let the Assistant handle training, however I use the attached OIs.

Been working will for me so far.




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I can be a little weak in defence at times and seem to get caught out, but I think that's down to my players more than anything else.

*Edit - I've just downloaded the tactic and will see how it fairs for me :)

*Edit-Edit - Just changed my CM/D to a DLP/D and it seems to provide a bit more cover for 2 CDs, will see how I get on with it.

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Used this for a season playing as Swansea City alongside a standard 4-4-1-1 with similar match instructions/player roles. I managed to win the EFL Cup, finished 6th in the Premiership and scored 70+ goals. Genuinely a fantastic tactic but my defence was a shambles, I would always concede first and due to the lack of ambition or leadership in the team, it would take a lot for my team to respond to going behind.

Depending on who I was playing I would switch the formation up. So if I came against Hull I would drop the two strikers to the wing and play the AM as a SS or AP and we would get a decent amount of goals. Swansea's squad is quite temperamental though so unless you have wingers who constantly moan about not playing, this tactic is for you haha!

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Have to say that this tactic is pretty special!

I'm playing as Salford City and decided not to make many changes at all, in fact I only brought in a young striker as backup due to being low on numbers in the squad, so basically I've got pretty much what you start with. We started off against a relatively easy side in Gloucester City in a home tie and we get off to a brilliant start with a 2-0 lead, but soon after half time we were level at 2-2 after they scored twice in 2 minutes. Suddenly I felt maybe this tactic needs to bed in a bit before it's effective? Suddenly James Poole pops up and grabs the winning goal. Off to a good start!

Next match we drew 2 - 2 against Stalybride away which I felt was a fair result.

Then came the dominance! Arch rivals FC United and we're at home! We got off to a bad start in the 17th minute, but soon enough went level and then the best thing happened, red card for FC United! I cranked up the pressure and changed from control to attacking and the rest is history... 7 - 1!!! 

Nuneaton 3 - 2 Salford

AFC Fylde 0 - 0 Salford

Salford 5 - 0 Gainsborough

Curzon Ashton 0 - 5 Salford

Salford 4 - 2 Alfreton

Salford 2 - 2 FC Halifax

Kidderminster 1 - 2 Salford

Chorley 3 - 1 Salford

Salford 5 - 1 Nantwich (FA Cup 2nd Qual Rnd)

Salford 3 - 1 Brackley

We find ourselves in 3rd place, 3 points behind 1st and 5 points clear of dropping out of the play-off spots. I couldn't be happier, especially with such a small team like Salford and the amazing fact that most of our players don't even fit the tactic properly. We don't have a proper AMC and the only players that are comfortable with their roles are the central midfielders.

Next up, FA Cup 3rd Qual Rnd!

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Dont update your game - it ruins this tactic!!

Whatever tweak was made to the AI has made the opposition defence a lot stronger(too strong). My leading players now look like they deserve to be in the next division down :(

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18 hours ago, sparkysrovers said:

Dont update your game - it ruins this tactic!!

Whatever tweak was made to the AI has made the opposition defence a lot stronger(too strong). My leading players now look like they deserve to be in the next division down :(

It still banging goals in for me weird

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Great starter tactics and work well initially for me with Everton, but then started to concede quite a few goals mainly against weaker teams

I then took over at Shrewsbury after relegated to league 2 and adjusted slightly to play with an anchor man

results are played 36, W23, D7, L6 and currently sitting top of league 2




other info removed so as to not hijack the original thread, Apologies


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Holy thread hijackers in this one Batman! Get your own post people...

Seriously though, this looks good, going to give it a try tonight and post later what I find.

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2 hours ago, BamBamBam said:

Just tried to add this to the game now its been fully released and it doesn't load up.......


Any ideas?

I had the same issue  went to the FM Scout site - it downloaded and works as in loads... no idea if it works - God knows I need the help!

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this tactic got my Forest team promoted. 

I didnt have the best squad to fit the required player roles, i.e. my SS was Garcia on loan from Man City, who is a bit raw for first team football.

Its great having a team without IF's or Wingers and playing 2 up front for the first time in years. I'd been stuck in a wide 4321 rut, and really bored of scouting the same players each year, esp when the IF's dry up

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Great tactic. I'm in my 3rd season with Cadiz (1st season in Spain's top division) and with a pretty poor squad and expectations of certain relegation I'm 5th in the league after 14 games. I've lost 4 and 3 of those were against Real & Athletico Madrid and Barca. Seriously overperforming considering my usual BWM's are Glenn Whelan, Valon Behrami and Sam Morsy. The first 2 are 34 & 33 respectively and Morsy was released by Wigan in League 1. Stick to the required traits and it's a great tactic.

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So never played the beta, downloaded the tactic from fm scout.


15 games played, 13 won, 2 drawn.


40 goals scored, 14 conceded.


Celtic Football Club was the team, naturally the strongest in the division, however being 2/3rds of the way through the season using a new tactic it`s been fairly impressive.

Will be very interesting to see what happens when I have built my own squad around the tactic. Thanks for bringing it to this forum, it presses much better than my own.

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15 hours ago, IUsedToBeGreat said:

Thank you - I tweaked it here and there on my Everton save and have just won the title in season 1. I bought players in based on the requirements as stated and it worked a treat!

Final Standings.jpg


what tweak did you use?

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