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PGC: The Spanish Inquisition for FM17

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After the corruption and tax fraud cases off the last few months , the last thing Spanish football needed was another manager or club making it too the front pages off the daily newspapers, With two managers now under the spotlight and facing separate charges all the managers in the premier league down too the lower divisions are now under the spotlight.

 First offender is Jamie Philips former manager of sleeping giants Racing Santander after easing himself too promotion with a healthy budget and plenty money too spend, the manager then quickly started too take apart the opposition in Liga 123. Unfortunately for Jamie after a routine inspection off his offices illegal tactics information was found being used as a bookmark in his latest edition of Hustler magazine. Too the managers credit he immediately admitted ownership off the tactics but denied trying too gain an unfair advantage.  Amid media and fan outrage the manager was sacked and seemed to be in managerial limbo before after a 14 hour long interview Lieda took a gamble on the once so promising manager.  Jamie has remained dignified through the whole process and seems too have his head down with Lieda and trying to keep out the media spotlight and get back too winning games.

ca9207c2-b213-43a4-aa2a-04574bcd2e97_zps    d56c8761-fc30-4c64-a630-2466ecf74ad9_zps


Second offender is Mike Pauwels  splitting with club Toledo too take advantage off the new cash rich owners at Llagostera, he found life easy at first buying up all the talent from Toledo and using a scatter gun approach too the transfer market he proceeded to bring in all the available talent he could find. An initial investigation into his appointment at Llagostera proved that all though not necessarily ethical he hadn't in fact broken any rules. Mikes time at Llagostera was short lived with the chairman showing more patience than most, something had too change and the manager was sacked with the club in a mid table position. Mike then moved too take over Ferrol in !st position in there league but the federation found this too be an illegal appointment off an out off work manager and hat in hand Mike has now had too return too Toledo too beg for forgiveness. It remains to be seen how his relationship with the club and the fans is after the horrible way he left them and results like the 7 - 1 walloping he took off play off bound Ponferrada will not help.



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Stuart - Albacete   33c4sj5.jpg


PHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW. Never did i think i would find this league as hard as i did, After winning the 1st too games of the season i though i was on my way to a simple mid table season with no worry's or dangers, how wrong i was. After back to back victory's we went on a run where we lost 9!! out of 10!!. Seeing as the board only wanted a brave fight against Relegation there was little chance of them sacking me but i was in full panic mode and a weekend of full Single player was needed to try and right the ship as much as i could. It was not only my tactic that was letting me down my summer buys were not the best, i had signed some poor players but with funds at a all time low it was a case of throwing togetter what i could. But from all the dust came my Diamond, The man that kept me up with his 21 league goals, Ched Evans!!. This lads form was solid all season long, he would maybe only get 1 chance a game but he would take that chance. Without his goals i would of been down before the jan window came.  znljjb.png


In Jan i added a much needed Center half " Paul downing  and a MC Gary Gardner. Downing made a impact right away with his size, he was good in the air and on the ball, Gardner was signed to get me more steel in the middle of the park but before a he kicked a ball in anger he had done his Cruciate in tranning and was out for a full 9 Months, Hows that for bad luck. Anyway i kept at it losing more than i was winning but was able to win key games that were keeping me a point or 2 above the drop zone. Then another drop in form saw me win just 1 game in 9 from jan 26 to march the 3rd. this had now sent me 2nd bottom of the league and 3 points from safty, Lucky for me it was a Wednesday so i had a whole weekend to set about tweaking my tactic and praying for abit of luck.




I came back on the monday hoping for a change in fortune what happen was a little more than i expected After losing the 1st to games of the evening i went on a little run winning 2 of 3. Then came the big one Nastic Away, these guys were 1 point above me and out of the drop side. I had the better GD and went into the game on abit of a high. Things got off to so bad i was 2 down in not time, i pulled one back but it was soon 3, with the drop looking more and more a reality i watched the timer count down 84, 85 86 CRASH!!!!, I showed the guys the crash screen so that no shannagans were in play and we had to play it again. in the reload i won 3-1 lol, i went and dusted down my 4231 and went for it, the Nastic couldn't handle the extra man in the middle and i ran riot. After seeing that i kept the formation till the end of the season. Myabe not the best idea against a strong ali side , i was proved right with a 5-0 loss but then 1 win and 2 draws saw me safely over the line and another season in B. PHHHHEEEEEEEWWWWW......... 




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Jamie - Llagostera



Well a lots happened since my last post and not in a good way.

I forgot that i downloaded a tactic prior to joining PGC to mess around with on single player and that tactic i had edited on single player and added player instructions to was the tactic i was using in PGC and it was too similar to the original in team instrutions shape and player roles so i rightly had to leave Santander sitting in 2nd place  to go to a bottom 6  Second division B team which was Lleida who were 5th from bottom.


After a really good start i didnt really look at the table i thought we were safe and started releasing players and preparing tactics for next season little did i know after losing the last game at Mallorca i got relegated on goal difference therefore losing another job :(


So starting again i have taken Llagostera in B3 Mike failed last season with these with a load of cash to spend so i am going to look to buy wisely and climb the ladder once again.


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What's that? A new club again? Sadly, yes :(

When the season started, I was enjoying life at Mallorca... Solid financials, decent transfer and wage budgets. Life was good...

I had a very busy transfer window, including a 1.2M new striker as the big transfer...


I was extremely pleased with the Mallorca side I had when the window ended, and I knew I could do big things with them...


We started decent. We weren't always winning, but the majority were wins - and we were scoring loads! I had my 3 man striker team set up nicely.

Unfortunately, we hit a bad run of 7 league games with 1 only win, which the board was very unhappy with, and they gave me a points target... I wasn't too worried, as the games would be mainly against lower placed teams.

We started with a 1-0 win, only to fall apart away with a 0-2 loss. I had not expected this, and pressure was on when we went up against Matt's Huesca - or should I say his assistant... Towards the end of that game, when it was 2-3 and we had a good run in the game, the game crashed... Or, let's be honest, Stu forced a crash! After the crash, it was a completely different game, where we quickly were chasing Huesca, and I had to go all-out, which then meant loads of space for Huesca, and we lost 0-3, and I couldn't reach the points target. I was very unhappy with this, as I had started to enjoy life at Mallorca.

But on to my new club, after the decent finances at Mallorca, I decided to go with a team playing slightly over their capabilities at the moment and take on UCAM, whose finances were a complete mess. But I knew that going into the team. I've previously taken on cash-strapped teams and turned them around before, so I thought it would be a nice challenge again.


I took UCAM when they were 5th and they were spending 34k on wages.


I took them up to 3rd by the end of the season...


And the board took away a big chunk of wages... Leaving me in the **** for the next season...


With only 13k in wages and me already having taken 12k off the wages since joining... I now how to reduce the wages by an extra 10k or so, leaving me no room for new players and having to rely on loans while also selling a few starters....

One possible player to sell is my striker, who lead the league in goals... So I'll be looking to sell him, although I can see myself getting a lot for him...




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Logrones - 


Well what a season that was, woow wee 96 points a cup win to go with it and even tho it was the irn bru micky mouse cup were not complaining it adds up on the old CV,  This was a season if i tried very hard i couldn't find fault with anything, we started really well and pretty much all i can say is we kept up the pace and stayed well and finished well, our cup run was magic (not) we got put out the Spanish cup early and dropped into the Federations cup were we dominated all the way to the end, making a playoff run or even winning by division has not been hard for my side the hard part has always been the playoffs for me, luck was never on my side but this time around we smashed it beating villareal B by 5 goals over the two legs and then beating Jay in a thrilling encounter in the leg to decide who is the overall champions of the 4 divisions. 

, I expected a stern challenge from the man known as the Dumfries Diddy but it turned out his decision to replace oranges at half time with shots of whiskey and steak bakes was not the way to go, the team will also be feeling the affects from the clubs great ' wonga ' scandal where the club was found guilty of  using the payday loan giant to fund transfer moves.

As if Spanish football hasn't been tarnished enough lately with the Racing found to be printing illegal money, there was a scandal involving one of the Belgian managers who plotted a move from Toledo to Lagostera just to use the riches of Lagostera to buy all of Toledo's dud players fill them up with millions and then return to the club 7 figures richer, the said Belgian manager who stood trial for these horrific actions was found not guilty in the clan courtroom and standing with a cheesy grin he stuck his finger up and politely said ' fu*k you all especially Matty i Broke no rules ' 

Since these horrifying incidents Spanish football and clan authority has been forced to sit round the big table in the big house and discuss the rules, some rules were said to be dated and not suitable for today's modern game.



Away from the press and away from the jokes, my team has an uphill task this season being promoted with not a lot of money kicking about, were going to be relying on sales, loans and free agents, iv said from day one my season will depend a lot on my window this current squad i have now would struggle no doubts about that, but a decent window would give me opportunity and so far not so good but there is still time.

My aims - Stay up/mid table depending on my transfer window. 



This is the games that ultimately mattered after the season, Villareal brushed aside and then Jay's team were the next to fall victim to our superb season, however i will give Jay one thing it was no easy task, this was a thrilling encounter with 3 of my goals coming very late on. 


Unbeaten run.png

Just a little indication of our season and how well it did actually go the one game we lost in among all them wins was a crash dump a game which we won then lost after the reload :( gutter, but what doesnt haunt u on FM will only make you more determined to put things right.


Until next time - watch out for a video coming soon .

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And so a dramatic season for Ponferadda comes too a close, a season full off promise ended in heartache as the team lost in the final game off the play offs too a relatively poor Real Urun side. The fans and manager are understandably saddened by the late goal and the horrible way too lose out on promotion but the manager is looking forwards and trying his best too take some positives from the campaign.

 " I'm gutted I cant pretend I'm not but lets look at it this way we broke points goals and assists records we also broke our games without defeat record so its not a poor season for us we were up against an incredible manager and team in Logrones, mayby we should be asking the powers at be why we were moved from a league we would have won with ease into a league with bigger teams and bigger budgets than our own. I'm not saying its a conspiracy or anything I'm putting our season into perspective. I'm looking forward to the season il put my neck on the line and say we will win the league if not I will offer the owners my resignation. "






The manager and players seem upbeat about the new season and with the manager hinting in the press at a busy summer and the importance off balancing the books it will be tough too improve the team and still remain within the tight financial constraints of the club. The frivolous manner that some clubs are throwing there money at the leagues and finishing up with poor seasons and yet new managers shows just what a good job Akinbiyi has done hes balanced the books bringing in nearly twice as much as he has spent and worked the free transfer market and loan markets too his advantage.


02f9b476-87c3-4160-96ee-f84ef8df0012_zps  fccd29bc-1311-4b67-a340-58afd7fa4e63_zps





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AndyF aka Alphonso X


So I started the 3rd season with a media prediction of 16th and fairly optimistic of achieving the boards minimum requirements of avoiding relegation this year after a brace of 5th place finishes in the previous seasons. Things got off to a decent start as we were always around the top 6/7 in the first half of the season but we were soon to hit a sticky patch are a form nosedived and soon found ourselves sitting 12th in the league. I thought i would be safe from the dreaded board meeting for a while longer due to my MP and the boards expectations but that was not the case as I was soon to be summonsed by the chairman to a meeting so hear could hear for himself on how I intended to turn around our fortunes on the pitch. Unfortunately I would miss out on the meeting and a sacking followed.

So a new profile (Alphonso XI) was called for and it was off to Segunda B moneybags Osasuna.


We inherited a squad with not a lot of players and not much quality either which wasn't quite ideal due to a lot off the playing squad moving on in the summer window after their relegation from La Liga 123. We soldiered on for the rest of the campaign and finished the season in 7th place.


Plenty of activity on the transfer front with lots of ins and outs by the 2 managers Osasuna have had for the season.





With the upheaval mid-term and the appointment of a new manager the supporters still turned out in force to cheer the boys on.


We are now into preseason and the summer window and have bought a few players in, im hoping Luka Belic a 23yr old Serbian signed on a free does the business up front and cleared out some of the deadwood out as well. Its going to be tough with Mike and AndyG in this league to get automatic promotion but we'll give it a go and see where we at come the end of the season

Until Next Time......

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Unió Esportiva Llagostera


2 weeks before the end of the summer i took charge of Llagostera

With no much time to build a team i could do a couple of transfers (N'Gakoutou, David Henen, Joel, Elio Capradossi, Niki Zimiling, ...)

But straight from the start team didn't melt together any bad results sealed my faith and got sacked after board meeting.

Some results:


After a short time without a job, my old club Toledo gave me the chance to go back to work for them.

Club Deportivo Toledo


Here some results:


Second Leg was great we where battling to get playoffs spot but once again we failed.

The boys did there best and we can only look forward to the future and hope we will get it next season.

In the summer we gonna try to make some new transfers and give some young players to join us and give them a chance in the 1st Team.

Will be continued

Edited by Kaboooom

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Another season. Another top 4 finish. Another disaster in the playoffs. Things have to change. Season after season of abject contempt. Only to be disappointed time and time. I feel as if I missed my chance but we need to go again.


Well, That sort of message did not work out so well for Liverpool back in 2014. But we need to dust ourselves down and get on with it. I need a really big season, I feel as if I am slipping behind the other lads, and getting trapped in the abyss. Lets take a look at the Transfers.

S.D. Huesca_  Transfer History.png

As I had no money to spend. Been relying on free transfers. Lost one Ghanain CB on a free and replaced him with another in Vorash

Isaac Vorsah_ Overview Profile.png

I managed to sign back a player i sold when I took over the club and i'm hoping he can have a big impact this season Alija Krnic as well as the free transfer of Hal Robson Kanu. I'm thinking of moving to a Wales type tactic so I hope he can have a big impact

Alija Krnic_ History Career Stats.pngAlija Krnic_ Overview Profile.png

Sorry for the non detailed post, I'll put more into it next time but with real life constraints it's been hard to find the time so i squeezed one out., Just wanted to let you know I'm still trying my best, And I really think

Even tho the media think otherwise, especially with money bags Jamie in my league at Llagostera ... They should never have gave them poles money!  Until next time

Segunda Division B Grupo 3_ Overview Season Preview.png

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After two successive top six finishes (and two successive play-off failures), I have established Recreativo as a solid Segunda (Liga 123) side. The next step is to ensure we begin challenging for the top two automatic promotion places and work our way into La Liga. Below is probably our biggest success story. Jairo Castillo came through the youth academy as a promising striker and has developed astronomically over the last two seasons. I wont say much more on the matter, as I've covered it in my previous posts, but I intend on him becoming the focal point of our attack for the coming season, offering assists for the players buzzing around him and a goal scoring threat.

Screenshot at Jan 07 19-12-35.pngScreenshot at Jan 08 15-18-21.png

I've made one or two signings that I feel really improve the spine of my side over the last year or so. Last season, Valber Huerta arrived on a free-transfer to sure up my central defense and put in consistently strong performances throughout the campaign. Luca Valzania arrived this summer for a fee of £675k from Atalanta and has already put in some excellent performances, with neat slick passing moves and some stinging shots from long range.

Screenshot at Jan 08 15-16-40.pngScreenshot at Jan 08 15-17-41.png

Predictions for the coming season:

My aim is to win promotion. Whether I do that via the play-offs or the automatic promotion places, I do not mind, but anything less will be seen as a disappointment. As I mentioned above, we have now had two seasons to add to our squad and build a solid Liga 123 side. I now also have some stand out players that I can rely on to provide that little bit extra that I hope can bring us promotion glory this season.

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5p9LctJ.pngoM3D1gh.pngjgCNQzF.png                rED35wV.png

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Stuart - Albacete 33c4sj5.jpg


Can be a cruel game at times Football manager, You work hard all summer trying to get a team togetter hoping more than expecting great things to happen you try to set up your tactics that work with the players you have in a system you spend hours trying to get just right only for things to come crashing down around you for reason's nobody can ever understand. That about sums my season up, I signed a group of players hoping for a top 8 finish and maybe even nick a playoff spot, What i ended up with was a season of melt downs on and off the game that left my mind blown away. 


We started the season so well, we was fighting it out at the top of the league all the way the winter break. My side was playing some top stuff and all my new signing over the summer had hit the ground running, No more so than sully, he was a player i signed on a free from Palace and boy what a season he ended up having. Things were going so well that i even though that winning the league was now in our hands, Ali was chasing me in 2nd but i was 5 clear at the top i even beat Real Mardid 2-1 in the at home in the cup that shocked me because it should of been 4 maybe even 5, My side was on a level i couldn't off dreamed of. But we all know what they say about dreams, they all come to a end, Playing Ali saw saw my first worry, a 343 a system i have never come up against and the score lined showed, i was clueless when it came to trying to stop his men and a 5-0 loss was no real shock tho what went on after that saw rocking for the rest of the season as i went and lost 4 out of 5 and was sitting in 4 place, My team had fallen apart, my tactic has blown up in front of me and i was in a nose dive. All my hard work in the summer getting in good players was starting to look like a wast of time. My only saving grace was it was a Wednesday and i had time to put things right before we went again. 


After a few hours playing sp trying to give reason to why my tactic had fallen apart i moved things about and was happy that i was ready for the session ahead, but in fairness i knew that i was on the back foot. We won our first 2 games back but then loss 3-0 away, i could see then my side and tactics were not the force we was at the start. This was the case for the rest of the season we would win 2 lose 1 win 2 lose 2, Cant go up with form like that, Then the draws kicked in the pain would see me Fall over the line and into a playoff place. I was happy to get into the playoffs but my team was full of injurys and my tactics had more holes in it that a waffle. 


In the playoffs i took Oviedo apart, 3-0 away 2-0 at home it was easy, Sean was also in the playoffs Finishing 3rd Sean blew his chance of 2nd when he lost a Stupid game, Before the end of the season i had to playing Sporting i knew with my form i couldn't beat them but i know how to kill a game dead and took a point away off them to see sean 2nd. My aim was to get sean up so i didnt have to face him in the playoffs, but he couldnt get the job done so i was to face him in the final, Something i didn't want as his side had been in fine form. I went into the game having to play at home 1st, i set up 433 with a dm but was soon 1-0 down, I thought to myself why not just go for it and see where the chips land, So i did, Me and sean put on a game that would grace any league, No messing about with sitting on what you got we both went for it, i got it back to 1-1 an then fired myself into the lead, Should of i have taken what i had, maybe but i never and Sean Scored again. 2-2 and the stats showed that there was nothing between our 2 sides. 

The 2nd leg had even more Drama we both went for it again and this time i went 1-0, Should i have sat back, maybe but where the fun in that. HT i was 1 up, then all hell broke loose in the 2nd half, Sean scored 2 goals in 30 seconds it was so fast the score board Still reads 58th and 58th min, Not to be outdone i went into overload and scored a world class goal from 25 yards, 2-2 again, now it was a brawl with both sides knocking bells out of each other Players getting hurt and Fitness levels down around the 50% mark, yet still both sides were all out attack. Then the heart break, a corner in the 86th min headed sean into a 3-2, I and my players had nothing left, i was mentally drained my players physically. i threw everyone forward with only 2 at the back but it was not meant to be, Sean had seen out a classic and went up Via the playoffs and put any curses though history to bed. 


I couldn't have asked anymore from my players, the group i had i got everything out of, They might not be the best to look at but they give me everything, The only Question that bugs me is why my Tactic blew up like it did. There is no reason for to happen like it does, I mean you dont go and beat the mighty Real Madrid 2-1 to then lose 3-1 at home to Real Union, Its something that will haunt me over the summer. 









like any side getting headlines it brings a spot light,, This is the case for me and 6 of my best players. i have sides who want them who can match they buy outs very easy. i will have to get the tied down to a new deal fast before i lose them. I have been able to get my DC to sign a new deal with  3.3m buy out and i hope to do the same with the rest. If i am to push on next season i must keep my best players. 



My player of the season, 


As for the window i will be adding 5,6 new players, one being a Center forward, Ched Evans is now 31 and his stats are just starting to fall away, he has been a rock for me since i signed him, he was out for 3 months this season and still finished 4 goals off top scorer of the league. 




Like i said that depends on if i can keep my stars and add the players i want, i have a core that is good enough to see me push on but i need to add the class to help them out. Next season i will be looking to go up, no via playoffs but by winning the league, Its my 3rd season now and the clubs has to be mixing it with the big boys if were going to push on and be a powerhouse in 17. 




Pedro - Champions league Next season for pedro and much needed cash, Hes been in the loan market for much of is time in the top league and now he can push on with cash flowing into his side. He has already signed some good players this summer and is looking to try and close the Gap on Barca and Real. Great season once again 


Ali - the master of the 343, Ali is in the top league and has worked out the 343 system, This is bound to see him in good stead and with him also now having the cash to build a side Ali will push on, Don't matter what he say's of what the Media have him down for Ali will be top half 1st season i have no doubt. 


Sean - Put the horror show of the first 3 seasons behind him to go up back to back. It might be a little harder for sean as his side is at the same level as mine is so a good summer window is needed. That said IF he can stay up next season then he will be a force in 3,4 seasons times. Wish he had gone up in 2nd place as i think my report would have been a joy to write not the keyboard slamming to turned out to be lol. Well done


Jamie - After his mess up jamie is now back, Winning the league with a side not many of us know about other than it has a rich chairman. Jamie saying there is no money there this summer, tho the club has spent over 10million in the last 2 seasons so dont be shocked if he goes on a spending spree again. Top job 


Gillys - Crushed the league crushed the Playoffs only to lose out on overall Victory to jamie, but i know he wont give a monkeys about that. After the heart break of last season Andy crushed the league this season and won it before we had even got to April. With a little help from his Asistant along the way. Even so Gills is now in my league and now he must be taken serous, as nobody wins the league that early with that many points if they dont have a good side. Top stuff 


MIke - Another who has come up this season. Mike is all about staff and Training and now its starting to pay off, after trying to use all kinda loop holes to get up in the end mike did it the old fashion way, Hard work, His Side will need work over the summer but he is now out of the league he hates the most in his PGC History mike will now make sure he has the players he wants so to never Return. Nice job 


Matt - Missed out on going up by losing to Mike, His side did well all season long, there were stong and will go up next season i have no doubt, Its been a hard season for matt with things outside of clan coming to the fold but he stuck in there and almost pulled it off. With him now back and a full summer window ahead Matt should go up next season no problem Unlucky


Jonas - When will the torment end for poor jonas, Missed out on the playoffs on the last say of the season. For once i feel for the lad, we have a banter wanting each other to mess up and such but it has to be a buzz kill to keep missing out on going up for one reason or another. He has no money so Loans will be the way forward next season, bad luck.

Fallo- left because of work back in the future 


Jay - Left for personal Reasons. No return date expected 


Well that's you update on another season of PGC. Look out for other posts and points of view from the others 


Till next time 






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