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Coach Advice: Reggina x Cosenza - Rerun Tests

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I ran a series of match replays (reloading the game file) with the same match: Reggina  x Cosenza. Italy's Third Division. I coach Reggina. In some, I coached directly (or lightly), in others I went on vacation and let the Ass Coach ran it. These were the results:

Reggina 0  x 2  Cosenza - I coached heavily
Reggina 1  x 3  Cosenza - I coached heavily
Reggina 2  x 3  Cosenza - I coached lightly (I let Ass Coach select team and Opposition options)

Reggina 4  x 0  Cosenza - Ass Coach ran (I went on vacation)
Reggina 1  x 2  Cosenza - Ass Coach ran (I went on vacation)
Reggina 3  x 1  Cosenza - Ass Coach ran (I went on vacation)
Reggina 1  x 1  Cosenza - Ass Coach ran (I went on vacation)

It's clear I got worse results when I coached heavily. However, I found it striking the widely random results when the Ass coach ran the match.

Any thoughts on why of AI's random results, and what I can learn from AI in order to beat Cosenza myself? (It seems that a lighter approach works better).

Thanks. Ciao.

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