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I've played FM 2015 ever since it came out and decided to update by getting FM2017. I'm playing the beta version now and there seems to be several things that I found valuable in FM2015 that have been removed. Can anyone confirm if they have been removed, or if they're being done in a different way please?


1. Staff - Firstly, I can only see my most senior staff (e.g. head physio, head scout, etc). Does anyone if I can see all staff (e.g. physio, under 19s coach, etc) another way or has it gone? Secondly, the 'staff responsibilities' tab I'm used to has been removed. Again, can I assign responsibilities another way or has this gone?

2. Training - The really useful old calendar system of seeing what the training focus is on which week, and being able to click on individual days to give a 'rest day' seems to have vanished.

3. Team talks - probably most bizarrely of all, I'm not prompted to give an opening, half time or full time team-talk. There must be another way to do this! I can't believe you wouldn't be able to do this as a manager.


Can anybody advise please?


Thanks in advance

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1. To see staff for other teams, go to the staff page and the "Overview" menu on the top left.  Hover over it and it will give you the various staff lists (Coaching, Medical, Scouting & Transfers, and All).

2. I usually let my staff do the training, but I think that's in the "Team" menu on the training screen?

3. You should be; have you delegated it to a coach on your Staff Responsibilities screen?

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What version are you playing it sounds like you are using the Touch version (which would have been called Classic Mode on FM15), which is a slimmed down version and doesn't include those options.

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