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FM2017 is the first FM I've bought since 2014, which used to run like a dream on my 13" MacBook Pro (early 2011) running OS Sierra, now with 8gb ram and an SSD. 

2.3 GHz Intel Core i5, 8gb 1333 MHz DDR3, Intel HD Graphics 3000 512 MB.

The game itself has run fine, but I'm having problems with the matches.

  • Even with the graphics set to the lowest setting, and with effects turned off, the 3d is very choppy
  • I've had two big crashes tonight, both in the first match I've tried to play.
    • The first happened when changing the camera view in game - the game just crashed and closed.
    • The second came at half-time, making a substitution. I was trying to change a player role in the tactics screen when the game froze and the fans in the Mac went crazy. I couldn't get the game to respond and eventually had to switch the power off as it completely disabled my machine.

I'm a bit surprised by how much my machine has struggled. It's admittedly old, but I was hopeful it could handle the 3d a bit better. 

The crashes might just be bad luck, but they're a bit concerning.

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Hello, did you update the game to the latest version 17.02, which was released today?

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