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[Suggestion] Salary Cap feature

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At the moment the salary's that certain clubs can give their players does not match the real life world. FM17 still uses a total salary budget, which can actually be used on one or two single players.

For example its know that Ajax and PSV both use a salary cap of 1.0 mio euro's for their players. This is controlled by the board in order to protect the financial situation. Potentially this can be complemented with bonusses of course, but as it is now there is no player that has a 'basic' wage of more than that.

I was hoping that in FM17 this would have been implemented, but as I started a new Ajax save I could see that i could offer the starplayer Davy Klaassen up to 2.5 mio p/y. This would never be possible in real life. There could be many players within the squad earning 1.0 mio (so the total salary budget is still usefull), but the highest yearly salary should also have a cap. There are many other clubs using this as well.

To make this not too static, an option for requesting the board to increase the Salary Cap can then be built in. So managers can ask their board to lift the cap - making it possible to grow the club further, of course if financials (and tough board members) allow.

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