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Player traits to create a goalscoring AMC

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Hey everyone,

I'd like to learn your experiences about which traits do you recommend to create a goalscoring AMC? 

Here is a list of traits in my mind (feel free to add yours too), but I wonder its pros & cons. Just assume that the player has great ratings for finishing, composure, off the ball, long shots, technique, anticipation.

  • Gets into the opposition area whenever possible
  • Get forward whenever possible
  • Places shots
  • Mainly stay inside the penalty area whenever possible

Thanks in advance,

Have a nice weekend.

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It's not really traits you need to focus on, sure they can be helpful but its what the players do around him and as a team as a whole that determines how many he will/could score. To create a goalscoring AMC you build the side around him to allow him to be a goalscoring midfielder. I actually wrote a thread about this last year;


I also did another thread about the Enganche and showed how one was more of a goalscorer than the other and showed why. He scored 17 goals in 35 games which isn't a shabby return at all;

Then I wrote another piece about my AMC who was playing as a Treq but as he started developing I wanted to focus on him scoring lots of goals rather than only being creative. So I highlight the changes made in the thread below as I changed him from a Treq to a AMC and he scored 20 goals and got 34 assists in 40 games.



The PPM's you focus on depends on the system. Gets forward when possible, gets into oppositions area etc aren't always a good thing and they don't guarantee that the player will score more.  It's all about context of where the space will be, if you have a crowded top heavy formation and come up against a side who sits deep then pushing him forward reduces his space and movement options. You'd want him start from deeper areas rather than high up the pitch and so on.

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Thanks a lot @Cleon, going to dig into your detailed guides. :thup: I like digging into these detailed (and realistic) part of the game. I manage Man City and I think that I do not use Kevin De Bruyne as efficiently as IRL despite his profile is pretty good. He managed to make 8 assists and only 3 goals in 24 league appearances. Hopefully after digging your articles, things change. Also considering exchanging De Bruyne with James Rodriguez who has more goalscoring profile than De Bruyne.

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