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I've always found this info difficult to find. In previous versions best place to look was the U20 squad view. There will be a section below the list at the bottom of the page where rules for the next match are given. Make sure to select the correct competition from the drop down list. Unfortunately, if the competition hasn't started yet or hasn't been scheduled yet, it may not be in the drop down list, and I don't know of any other in game place to find the info.

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Your U20s are in a league. Some SFL2 sides are, and some aren't. Eddy City is one that doesn't have a side in a league so I can only play friendlies.


The issue presumably doesn't only affect EC or small Scottish clubs, for any friendlies if there are squad restrictions, they need to be shown somewhere.

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24 minutes ago, darkfng said:

Are there restrictions on the squads for friendlies? That would be annoying.

There is, and I have no reserve squad, just a first team and U20 squad. Needless to say, nearly all my players are ageing journeymen and has-beens, and I can't give enough of them games in competitive matches, especially as I've been dumped out of the cups at the first hurdles. What I can and am doing is arrange first team friendly fixtures, but it's not really satisfactory.

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