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[FM17] TSV 1860 Munich - the most successful team in Germany?

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TSV 1860 Munich - the most successful team in Germany?


So here it goes..

After a disappointing FM16 (not the game, just my inability to find a save to stick with) I have decided nice and early to find a save that I believe presents a big challenge and something that I have not attempted before. Enter 1860 Munich.  :brock: 

I picked this team, as it presents an interesting situation, I have never managed in Germany, the club was saved by it's biggest rivals Bayern (mainly due to the stadium rental agreement they have in place - I see what you did there Bayern :cool:), sharing an absolutely stunning stadium in the Allianz Arena and it's superb youth facilities makes for a great opportunity to turn this club into the biggest club in Munich.

The Challenge

The challenge is simple, to turn this great club into the greatest team in German football history, with a few added extras to make this already monumental challenge that little bit harder!

- Return to the Bundesliga

- (Once returned to the Bundesliga), no more signings allowed, only current players promoted from the great youth academy. :idiot:

- Top the 'Most time winners' category on the Bundesliga history page (currently Bayern sitting pretty on 26, which is going to grow as I battle my way up)

- Win the Champions League 

The Manager

Bobby Healy

A 35 year old former football league player who was forced to retire due to injury. Has since worked hard to gain his Continental A licence and has been coaching at clubs in England. He had now been given his big chance in Germany after impressing the board at 1860 Munich and has signed a 1 year deal to prove his worth. 

Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 19.54.41.png (Beautiful, I know!)

Is it possible, that an unknown manager, can manage a club in a country he is not used to - and take them to greatness?


pa-232571.jpg(Well...... for the first few years anyway) :ackter:


So ..... wish me luck on my first FM Career update post!

I will be posting regular updates (and please feel free to ask for anything along the way, if you are interested that is!)

Die Löwen 


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Interesting one. It is difficult as I believe Bayern take a decent chunk (if not all) of gate receipts. Or they did on a previous incarnation of FM when I tried it.


Good luck!

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Thank you for the good luck messages :D

Have been away all weekend but will be posting updates tonight and tomorrow!

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So, we've reached the winter break. 

I must say, this FM has already been the toughest for me to find consistancy (which is a good thing!) and to find a system that works, but I am really enjoying the challenge! 

Not only that, the club has a transfer budget of £0 and barely any movement on the wage budget. So a tough challenge.... got tougher! The club seems to lose money at an alarming rate (probably due to stadium rental, facilities and low gate receipts).

But I'm not prepared to let that destroy my dreams, the club already has some very good youngsters and I have managed to bring in the legend Michael Ballack to help coach the youth team. 

My transfer business is below:

Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 16.50.11.png

The table & results:

Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 16.35.53.pngScreen Shot 2016-10-25 at 16.27.47.png

As you can see, we're not particularly consistent, especially with away games and the lack of tackles we are making (just 18 in the last game!) is concerning, but hopefully with a few tweaks to tactics and a strong second half, we could be in the running for playoffs.

Now just the matter of half of my team contracts expiring, and no wage budget left to play with! :herman:

.... and the small matter of my contract up at the end of the season. 



Will keep you posted!

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Hi Guys,

Sorry for the lake of update (for anyone that is actually interested in this challenge!). I have been bogged down with work (how dare they, right?) but have still been playing FM in the time I have. Anyway, boring bit over.

So despite getting myself into contention for the playoffs my end of season form was absolutely dreadful! Take a look :(

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 22.07.08.pngScreen Shot 2016-10-26 at 22.09.44.png 

& so therefore another season in the 2nd division beckons for my Munich side. I was a frustrated figure, no consistency in form, the club losing so much money so therefore no money to rebuild the team.

My faith was questioned, was this the challenge for me? Am I actually patient enough? 

OF COURSE I AM! And so, with a fresh outlook, I took to rebuilding the side - releasing some deadwood and trying to not only repair the club financially but also bring in some players that could do a job for the system I am playing (relying heavily on loans). Here is my transfer dealings:


Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 21.12.37.png\


Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 21.13.30.png

Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 21.13.50.png

& so to not drag this post on too long and to bring you up to date. Things are looking much better for the lions this term.  We are dominating possession and finally taking our chances. Bamford adding much needed goals up the top!

Here is the current state of play.

Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 21.18.57.png

Will start posting more regularly now, but just thought i'd bring this post up to date!

See you at the halfway stage :)

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