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FM17 Youth Academy Challenge

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@Velodromè oh I would like to have a decent DM in intake just like yours! :) I am using one who has CA at grey stars.


In other news, this U19 match went for some time before it was decided :D


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@Tush Do the youth teams play competitive matches in your save? In mine its friendlies all year. Get the invite to the u19 leagues, but no matches get played. 

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15 minutes ago, Velodromè said:

@Tush Bah, my game is bugged then. Have to arrange friendlies all year around to keep them fit. 

I think you should be able to assign someone to arrange friendlies somewhere in the staff responsibilities page.

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Will be trying this challenge out very soon. Not sure If I want to start in Switzerland 2nd League or if I should go all out and restart my England lvl 22 save with the added restrictions...

Either way, just to let you know, Switzerlands reset date is 19th june.

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2019 Season: Ykkönen


League Position: 3rd (Media prediction: 8th)

Fixtures 1 Fixtures 2

We stood every chance of going up this year before a woeful decision by the board to sell two of our three brightest prospects for very small short-term financial gain and virtually no longer term benefit on or off the pitch. With Lehtimäki (YP1a) and Lönnström (YP1b) gone the goals dried up a bit and we looked less solid at the back. In a sense we did well to not completely fall back and we put in some great performances such as away at HIFK. We could still have won promotion with a few games remaining but the squad was a little short of inspiration. I really hope this hasn’t consigned us to losing more of our best players in 2020.

Suomen Cup: Second Round

Very satisfactory progress as we escaped a fairly tough group as a best third placed team. Wish we’d have shown a bit more against our Veikkausliiga opponents in round two.


Season Records

Transfers: a season which will live long in infamy. Goodbye future record scorer, goodbye potential future captain.


Notable Players

Mahdi Ali: On top form again and should be good for a few seasons yet.

Lauri Mäkelä YP1d: Shaped up nicely this year as our attacking midfield option, just needs to start scoring a few more goals.

Christoffer Orenius YP1c: Five goals, nine assists was a decent return and he probably would have added more to the latter if we hadn’t lost our main goalscorer. He is our best player and I really don’t want to entertain the thought of losing him next season.

Ilkka Vasara YP1f: Still not sure I see him as our brightest prospect in defence but he put in some good performances once more.

Kalle Kurittu: Found some form towards the end of the season and went on a bit of a goalscoring run. Someone needed to!



Notable Youth Players:

Mika Lehtimäki YP2d: Competent in the left back slot, and even though I’m not quite sure how best to develop him as yet I think he’ll improve rapidly.

Heikki Nurmi YP1k: Has established himself as first choice right back, where we are underpowered. A goal and three assists was an adequate return.

Jarmo Purosto YP2b: Some progress from the young midfielder.

Tommi Virtanen YP1e: Another good season, now our permanent number one.

Jaakko Voutilainen YP1o: I ranked him low among the initial intake, perhaps justifiably, but the defender was excellent in the cup. Struggled with consistency in the league.


Youth intake 2019

Probably the poorest intake thus far, but with a couple of interesting projects.

Tommi Masalin YP3a: He looks like a handful personality-wise and has a few infuriating deficiencies, but finishing and dribbling stand out. The brightest young striker in the squad.

Mika Aaltonen YP3b: Looks a solid defender and good long-term prospect, I wish he had some semblance of leadership though.

Jesse Jussila YP3c: Should challenge Virtanen as our long-term goalkeeper.

Jaakko Hirvonen YP3d: Good tackling, not quite so good elsewhere, let’s give him a chance anyway.

Markus Huuhka YP3e: The attacking midfielder is this year’s wildcard, I imagine he will frustrate and delight in equal measure.


Season-by-season progress

Season Division Position Suomen Cup Top scorer Star man Top youth player
2017 Ykkönen 6th Group stage Nummi: 12 Ali Lehtimäki (YP1a)
2018 Ykkönen 3rd Group stage Lehtimäki (YP1a): 15 Orenius (YP1c) Orenius (YP1c)
2019 Ykkönen 3rd Second Round Kurittu: 9 Ali Mäkelä (YP1d)

Off-field progress

Season Finances Av. Attendance Capacity Training Facs. Youth Facs. Youth Rec. Junior Coaching
2017 -£84K 261 1,000 Average Basic Fairly Basic Good
2018 £110K 235 1,000 Average Basic Fairly Basic Good
2019 £131K 289 1,000 Average Poor Fairly Basic Good

Aims for next season

I think next season could be tough and we might need a season of mid-table consolidation. Keeping Orenius gives us the best chance of promotion.

Edited by Duroliponte

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@Velodromè Congratulations on promotion!

@Muttley84 My save feels a bit like purgatory as well at times, but I still think you have the means to be winning the title in a few years.

@Shakes Sorry to see that you were relegated, thought you'd held out long enough to turn a corner.

@Bubbles_DK What an wild season, I think I'd be happy with it however!

@Braumiller Getting very close to that title, intrigued to see how much Determination makes a difference as I'm contemplating a similar cull.

Edited by Duroliponte

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@Duroliponte it is going to be hard to tell to be honest.  The team is trending upwards to begin with, so only a huge jump to running away with the league would point to definite / tangible benefits.

That said, I have raised my squads overall avg Determination with releases and youth intake and since then I have not had any more declines in players Determinations :thup:. I have my numbers in a spreadsheet at home and will post when back there tonight. 

Hoping to finish my season 06 tonight and get that posted as well!

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@Areolys lvl 22 youth only sounds sadistic :D  Sadly those database edits would disqualify it from this challenge, but I would read that story in that board :thup: 

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@darren1983 Results wise that look very much like the end of my last season. Pretty sure I am getting my ass handed to me quite a few times this season, playing against clubs that can spend £2,3 mill on a single player. That is three times my balance at the moment. 

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4 hours ago, Braumiller said:

@Areolys lvl 22 youth only sounds sadistic :D  Sadly those database edits would disqualify it from this challenge, but I would read that story in that board :thup: 

Had some time today to think this through...

Yeah, nobody in their right mind would try and do this. And it would be completely insane to even try it as a new player of the game.


That's why I'll do it. Ah, what the heck, I might as well restart my safe, and start over with this limitation. I can always start another more humane safe with my favorite swiss football team (allez Sion!)

And since Keymer & Hassocks were actually promoted this season to Division 9 it fits the theme. I'll be starting a new thread over at in the career updates for anyone who's interested in following, since it can't be part of this challenge. 

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Dulwich Hamlet - League Two - Season 2023/24

Dulwich Hamlet Badge.png


League - after just about staying up last season this was a big surprise, our form through the first half of the season was excellent, we took 50 points from the first 25 games and at the turn of the year we were 2nd. We couldn't live with Bristol Rovers though who were too strong, my change in tactics at the back end of last season made us tough to beat but meant that when the goals dried up we struggled to win games. After a 3-1 win over Northampton on New Years Day we would only score 7 goals in our next 14 games, winning only 2 but also only losing 3, the draws killed us, we found form again towards the end of the season and were 5th going into the last day. We were on 73 points and were away to 4th placed Doncaster (74 points) with 3rd place Rochdale (75 points) away to champions Bristol Rovers. If we won and Rochadle didn't we would grab 3rd due to better GD. We done our bit with a 1-0 win but Rochdale smashed Rovers 6-2 consigning us to the playoffs. We had to play Bury (0-0 draw (H) and 0-1 win (A) during the season) but with Danny Reed(YP05A) suspended we lost top scorer Courtney Hall(YO05C) to injury before the first leg leaving us down to the bones. The 1st leg was a 1-0 loss and with no strikers for the 2nd leg best we could do was a 0-0 draw. Bury went on to win promotion at Wembley.

League Cup - a cracking game with league one MK Dons

Checkatrade Trophy - won one, lost 2 meh. Pretty mush use this for game time to youngsters on the verge of first team action.

FA Cup - couple of 2-2 draws with league one Oxford before we won a penalty shootout. Another 2-2 draw, this time with Shrewsbury before a 88th minute winner for them saw us knocked out.

Transfers - starting to remove the deadwood of players that were on non-contract during our rise from conference to league football.

Squad - getting younger and younger each season.

Finances - better, over £500k in prize money at the end of the season was a massive help.

On another note it's taken 7 seasons but my board have finally (after asking every season) agreed to let study for my 1st coaching badge.

Youth Development 

James Daly YP02C - best player at the club now. Flies up and down the right wing

Vangelis Bosganas YP01A - 2nd best player, when he's off form we suffer

Ashley Roles YPo5D - breakthrough season for the youngster. Of his 3 goals 2 were from her 30 yards!

Youth Intake - not the best one this time with some poor personalities 

Ertugrul Orhan YP07A - another CB but this guy could be the best of the ones we have.

John Marsden YP07B - Left winger that could push Williams for his place


Career Overview

Season		League		Position	Achievements

2017/18		VNS		1st		Champions
2018/19		VNL		7th		
2019/20		VNL		14th 
2020/21		VNL		15th
2021/22		VNL		4th		Promotion via playoffs
2022/23		EFL2		22nd 
2023/24		EFL2		4th		Lost Playoff Semi Final

Next Season

Would love to push for the top 3 again but first things first will be to get to 50 point mark.

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Since doing this on FM13 I've failed at Sweden x3, Scotland x3, England x2, Portugal x2, France and Belgium. So time for somewhere new ... Northern Ireland it is. Amateur might be an issue but I holidayed a test season and even with no intervention not too many players moved so it seems playable. Besides if not, I can add another place to my list of failures. :D

I present ...


Manager | Facilities | Squad

I admit this choice is all about the name. Looking at the squad we have a bunch of defenders ... some can play sweeper ... I shall call my tactics the Chimney Sweep! I'll see myself out ...

From a bit of googling it looks like our ground is right next to the golf course in Antrim, so I shall be blaming any mistakes on being whacked by a stray drive.

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Season 06 - 2022-23

The Season As It Happened.....

It is preseason so that means only one thing, the hardest possible draw in the First Qualifying Round of the Europa League!  Hadjuk Split this time...  We lost 0-2 at home and did not play well and then lost 1-5 away from home in a game we never game ourselves a chance after being reduced to 10 men after just 24 minutes.  With money in hand I went and asked for Professional status and got turned down.  Went for Junior Coaching upgrade then and turned down again due to our financial projection.  Urgh.
A generally bad preseason.  Teams against cupcakes as usual and we lost one 0-2 and drew one 0-0.  Hoping this is not a sign of issues to come....

August 21st 2022
First game of the season and away at TNS!  Usually I would curse this start, but looking at their fixture list this is nestled between fixtures against Nantes in the Europa League Playoff round...  And they were distracted!  A lovely 2-1 win to start the season, despite being without our main goalscoring threat Rob Martin 2018-B

August 30th 2022
Bizarre game in the mickey mouse cup 2nd round (our first, due to getting a bye in the 1st round).  I played half first XI and half backups, as it was midweek and I needed to rotate.  It went to extra time, which was not ideal due to fitness and then we had a man sent off in the 93rd minute and a man went off injured on 100 with all 3 subs already on.  Bangor took the lead against the 9 men on 110, so I went Attacking.  We equalized on 117 and then a horrendous GK error on a backpass gave me a winner on 119....

October 8th 2022
Even when documenting the season as it happens I cannot tempt the FM gods by writing about streaks!  So now it is over, I can mention we just lost our 100% record in the league.  7 wins on the bounce to start and now a 1-1 draw after a Llandudno goal in the 89th minute pegged us back.  Truth be told we were poor and didn't deserve the win.  TNS have had a poor start, but won 7-0 on the same day to get back to 6 points behind.  Their warning has been noted.....

November 9th 2022
We have our first u21 cap!  Dean Martin 2019-C gets the honor :thup:

January 25th 2023
This is lining up to be a doozy.  After the initial 22 game league we are dead equal with TNS on wins, draws, losses and points.  They lead purely by 2 goals goal difference (52 for/12 against, to 50 for/12 against).

February 4th 2023
A very frustrating 2-2 draw at home to Carmarthen gives TNS a 2 point cushion.  It also ended our amazing streak of 8 clean sheets in a row in the league, and 11 in our last 12 (now 13)...

February 11th 2023
The unbeaten run comes to an end.  We got mugged by Aberystwyth 1-2 and that snapped a 16 game unbeaten run.

March 6th 2023
Youth Candidate Day 2023!
Shaun D'Auria 2023-A - What looks like a potential good solid central defender.  Options to play at DR or DM, but I think DC is where his future lies
Dale De-Vulgt 2023-B - I wish I played with more players in the middle of the park.  Another decent looking central midfielder
Mark Rowlands 2023-C - And again, although with a little more versatility in AMC as well
Ross Llewellyn 2023-D - This years youth GK prospect
Richard Pearson 2023-E - A good looking right full back, who may get a look in at the first team as we move forward
Marc Lancey 2023-F - Needs retraining to play at MR, but he should be good with that.  Looks decent, but not sure if that will be enough
Liam Price 2023-G - A young forward to be retrained as a shadow striker.  With none of last years striker heavy intake taking their opportunities to date, he has a chance if he progresses.

March, April, May 2023
A frustrating end to the season as our form dropped off completely.  We only won 1 of our last 6 league and cup games, failing to score in our last 3 altogether.  Not sure what exactly happened (or didn't happen), but it was a long season and a young squad.  Chalking it up to that.

Random Notes / Thoughts
TNS were just undeniable this year.  Initially I was fairly annoyed with being caught, overtaken and then having distance put between us, but when you look at their league form it was beyond impressive.  After losing 2 of their first 6 games, they rattled off 23 wins and 3 draws in their remaining 26 league games.....  Relentless.

End of Season Screenshots
League Table
Results - League / Cups
End of Season Awards
* Player of The Year 1st Place - Jordan Martin 2018-D (43%)
* Player of The Year 2nd Place - Rob Martin 2018-B (28%)
* Player of The Year 3rd Place - Mark Heyes 2020-B (18%)

Season 07 Targets
* Continue to press TNS and hope they are not quite so superhuman
* Pray for a semi decent Europa League draw
* Keep plugging away

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@darren1983 That is a great second season in league 2 and so close to promotion, it's a shame the youth intake wasn't better. I find myself experiencing a similar dip in form to yours. Start really well and win as the underdogs until eventually teams start to respect you and then winning becomes a real struggle.

@Braumiller Another great season. You keep improving and just need one off season from TNS to start grasping control of the Welsh premier division. It must be frustrating watching their results each week though.


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Chimney Corner - Season 1 - 2017/18 NIFL Premier Intermediate League

League | Cups | Squad | Transfers

It's nice when a plan comes together as you envisaged it. I saw we had a squad good at a few things - we had defensive positioning/marking at the back, and speed and finishing at the front. This looked like the perfect team to pack 3 in central defense, sit back and counter attack. Turns out this is an easier game when you have strikers who can finish!

When we got pretty hammered in our second league game we lost 3-1 and I'm wondering if it might be a little tougher than I thought. Then we went on an incredible run, 11 games (which is half the season) undefeated in the league! Semi final of the League Cup (so many cups in Northern Ireland). The fight was no longer to ensure we stayed up - we mathematically secured that with something silly like 7 games to play - the fight was for promotion.

Even finally taking a loss couldn't dent our confidence, we bounced straight back by beating then top side Queens University 4-0. Losing 3-1 to eventual champions Annaugh Utd was a big blow, but we stayed in touch and going into the last day we were 2 points off second with a better goal difference. A win for us against 4th placed Tobermore Utd would give us a promotion playoff if Queens University stumbled. It turns out they did, but so did we. We went down a goal early, levelled in the second half but towards the end of the game we missed a chance and Tobermore took theirs.

Still if I was offered 3rd place with the best defensive record and a +16 goal difference before the season began I would have absolutely taken it in a flash. A great season to build on, we've proven this year that players on non-contracts aren't a huge bother (just be attentive and re-offer them new non-contracts when another team tries to poach them and they are inclined to stay). Our cup experiences suggest there isn't even a huge gulf of quality between us and the top league, so if we can keep up these performances there's no reason why we can't move up rapidly.

Youth Intake

I'm not sure I entirely believe all the 5 stars on this intake, but even if only a few of them work out the future looks bright. The balance here isn't the best - would gladly have swapped a couple of the strikers for central midfielders - but after the slow progress in the last two attempts I'm just happy to get a bunch of top prospects.

  • (18a) James McGovern - AML - The best way to get wingers is to play a formation that doesn't need them. :rolleyes: Doesn't quite fit perfectly anywhere, but he's quick and right footed and given the team balance right wing back it is.
  • (18b) James Whiteside - DL - Quite a nice prospect - more balanced than most and a good personality - should be backup at left wing back next year,
  • (18c) Nathan McKee - ST - The first of our many strikers. While our strikers worked well this year they're no spring chickens, so McKee will gradually get chances.
  • (18d) Stephen Kennedy - ML - Another left winger. Will be third in line at left wing back.
  • (18e) Willie McMurray - ST - A striker who can play midfield a bit. Got good goal support from one of those this year and training as a mid might round out his stats anyway, so giving that a shot.
  • (18f) Chris Bell - ST - A quick clean finishing striker, very much in the mould of the type of player that has been working for us, so I have high hopes for him.
  • (18g) Alan McGlynn - ST - Another striker who can play a bit of midfield.
  • (18h) John Hanna - DC - We've got a strong central defense and this guys physicals need time so he's a long term prospect.

Next Season

A few things I have in mind

  • Gradually introduce the youth players. We had a pretty stable team that worked, we don't need half a dozen nervous guys out there.
  • Do not tinker with the tactics. Leave what's working alone. We have enough potential that we can afford to burn a few players that don't fit our tactic rather than fit them in.
  • Promotion is the aim.
  • We're going to lose money and so these facilities are what we have until we can move up. 3rd place in this league earns you 585 pounds. I'll try not to spend it all at once ...

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@Braumiller Another good season, you'll soon catch them! Out of curiosity, how has TNS fared in europa the other years? In my game, they only got to the third qualifying round of the EL once, and rarely got past the first round. When I started winning the league, no other Welsh team won any european ties for quite some time.

Now after 23 seasons in my save, the other Welsh teams are starting to regularly win in the first round of the EL-qual, which is nice. Actually a couple of the Welsh teams have suddenly started buying pretty good players from Ireland and Northern Ireland, which I guess is due to the leagues reputation growing aswell as the prize money and sponsorships keep rising.

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Ilkeston F.C Season 5


League| Squad | Finances |Transfers|Youth Intake |Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2

Season Overview

To cut to the punchline, we have won promotion to the football league!

We began the season optimistically after finishing last year on a good run, this optimism was lost after a 5-1 defeat away at Stevenage. The tinkering began. The shape never changed just the instructions. We had an away fixture at high flyers Fleetwood and I made, what turned out to be the final set of changes this season. We won 2-1 and controlled the game. Optimism again.

Good wins and unlucky losses were the pattern until the watershed moment against Newport, an amazing win and suddenly anything was possible. This began a spell of 10 wins from 16 games and a surge up the table. We settled in 3rd position in  the league. The problem we now faced was teams respecting us more. We would still control the game but found it much harder to win and see games out, it also felt like our luck changed (in good run we had two consecutive goal of the month wins).

When it looked like reaching the playoffs may slip away the team reached another gear, I would like to believe an inspired team talk taking the pressure off helped. We won 2 of the 3 final games to finish 4th.

The playoff semi final saw us face Stevenage. We controlled home leg but found ourselves 1-0 down, we could not find a way through. With time running out, up stepped Ross Hope (YP18b) and conjured up a goal from a ridiculous angle in the 89' minute, 1-1. The away leg started brilliantly, with us taking an early 1-0 lead. We continued to control the game and amazingly held on.

The final saw us face 5th place finishes Boston Utd. We dominated the game from beginning to end and despite creating several good chances we couldn't score, fortunately neither could Boston, it finished 0-0 and went to penalties. Our keeper Steven Mullarkey (YP18e) had saved around 7 penalties in the regular season (couldn't find info in his stats?) including 2 in 1 match, so I was confident. We scored 4 of the 5 and Mullarkey managed to save 2 of theirs. Amazing.

Top Performers

Ross Hope (YP18b) Started this season slowly, with strike partner Dwyer leading in goals and assists. A long term injury to Dwyer put all our hopes on Hope (excuse the pun) and he delivered 26 goals and 16 assists. No interest from other clubs but will not negotiate a new contract

Steven Mullarkey (YP18e) An incredible season from the number 1. Interest from 3 championship clubs turned his head and also will not negotiate a new contract.

Roy Lee This guy is one of my originals and was only a bit part player due to Dwyers consistency. WIth Dwyer out of the way Roy took his chance admirably, scoring 15 league goals.

Glenn Leverock (YP20b) His workrate got him in the team last season and his performance kept him there. Contributed 14 assists and some important goals.


Youth Intake

I much better intake in terms of quality but still lacking good personalities. I will still call this a win and have 3 players I will get in the first team as much as possible next year (I have tagged a player YP22b but don't rate him above these three and so didn't highlight). I am considering replacing the HOYD if a better option is available, especially one who favours a narrow formation.

Peter Haven (YP22a) He will definitely feature in my midfield and most likely as my deep lying playmaker, not exceptional but has good potential.

Rob Pearson (YP22c) A giant of a lad, at 6ft 7 Rob can cause havoc I hope. A fairly balanced spread of attributes and surprisingly quick for a big lad. I will do all I can to make him succeed.

Kevin Nugent (YP22d) A brave centre back, who can do a job at DM. We were desperate for a defender and at every opportunity I feel it is safe to do so he will play.

Club overview

An equally successful season off the pitch. During the season we secured another junior coaching upgrade, taking Ilkeston's to good. Following promotion the board also agreed to raise the youth level to 3. We are also now a professional club. I still haven't been able to upgrade the youth recruitment network and still all but one of my players come from the Ilkeston area.

The huge negative of the season as I write this is Mullarkey and Hope refuse to enter into contract negotiations and haven't for over a year. I am desperate to keep them and will see if after the league reset date they agree to stay, fingers crossed.



I have turned the game off 3 days before the aforementioned player's contracts expire, I don't want to spoil the achievement with that bad news. So I am unsure how strong we will be next year. We performed at our best when we played the biggest teams, I am hopeful that we will remain the underdog for every game next season and can sneak enough wins.

Edited by Sanno11

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@Sanno11  congrats! :thup:


4 hours ago, MCPlay said:

@Braumiller Out of curiosity, how has TNS fared in europa the other years? In my game, they only got to the third qualifying round of the EL once, and rarely got past the first round.

Good question....  They fell at the following stages (season 00 was my holiday year)

Season 00 - 1st Rnd Qual Champions League
Season 01 - 2nd Rnd Qual Champions League 
Season 02 - 2nd Rnd Qual Champions League
Season 03 - 2nd Rnd Qual Champions League
Season 04 - 2nd Rnd Qual Champions League
Season 05 - 2nd Rnd Qual Champions League
Season 06 - 3rd Rnd Qual Champions League / Playoff Europa League


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4 hours ago, Sanno11 said:


@Braumiller Another great season. You keep improving and just need one off season from TNS to start grasping control of the Welsh premier division. It must be frustrating watching their results each week though.

Thanks, it is frustrating......

They have the same manager as when I took over (he has been there 9 yrs & 120 days, 9 league titles and 10 cups) and the same striker scoring for fun, Courtney Duffus.  A free transfer from Everton in 2017/18, Duffus has scored 151 goals in 150 league games for them.  43 assists, 47 PoMs and an average rating of 7.74

Essentially we are waiting for the manager to leave, a bad hire, transfer issues and the stars to align :)

If I could get Professional status, that would help immensely, but I am presuming that it will only happen the other way around (after I win the league).

Ok, I had not checked until now, and this has me upset...  Barry Town & Connah's Quay both turned professional this off season!  They join TNS to make 3 now.  They may start creeping up on us and Bangor City in the top 3 clubs.  &%$#@!

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@Braumiller another excellent season mate, just gotta keep going till that first breakthrough. Sucks that Barry Town and Connah's Quay have turned Pro before you though.

@Shakes Great first season there. Frustrating to miss out but, as you said, you'd have taken that at the start,

@Sanno11 Yes Sanno! Welcome to the football league mate! Well done on promotion.

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@Braumiller You should be encouraged. When you finally take over the mantle as welsh biggest team, you'll be very happy to have the other teams giving you a little competition and proving themselves in Europe. Fun fact, TNS' super-striker in mye game, Charlie Bell, was a free transfer from Everton aswell, in 2017/2018. 319 league goals in 412 matches. Scored over 1 goal per game every year untill the fateful managerial change.

I'm rooting for you, would love to see you break through and win it next year!

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Bilderesultat for county haverfordwest

Season 23


League Table | Transfers | Season Review

Dafabet Welsh Premier League

18 in a row. Unbeaten with 5 draws.

Cup runs

1 of 2. Lost the Welsh Cup semi-final, which stopped our streak in that tournament at 9 straight wins.

Champions League



We beat AIK from Sweden in the CL play-off, and drew a group of Real Madrid, Shakthar and AC Milan. It was a thoroughly outmatched, and ended up with only 1 point. The one point was a nice one though, a 1-1 draw at home against the spanish giants. At some point we need a lucky draw, maybe get the turkish team from the 1-seed group, and a beatable team from the 3-group.


Youth Setup:

Youth Intake

Seemingly a good intake. A 5-star rated right winger, who needs to be retrained. However, I've noticed a trend of players overperforming the star-rating from the last few intakes and some of the best rated players have underperformed, which has opened my eyes toward not giving to much stock to the initial star rating. Jordan Jones 22B which was 4-star rated in the last intake, now suddenly looks to be a beast, and has improved like crazy. Him and Matthew Rees 18A will be a great pairing up top for quite some time.

Big Fat Goalie Challenge:

Dave Owen 14B - 58 Goals. 4 this season, 1 free kicks. Another down season for Davey. 4 goals is disappointing, but to be fair he did miss 2 months.


Danny Roberts Challenge

The aim in this Challenge is to get a player to score 1000 goals during his career, national team goals count.

Most goals:

Huw Price 4A - 447 goals in 669 games. 2 goals in 10 games this season. The legend decided to call it quits on an amazing career after this season, his attributes were declining rapidly, and he didn't want to play at any other club than his belowed Haverfordwest. Now that his last game is played I'm sure the board has already commisioned the world's greatest sculpteur to make him a gigantic statue outside the stadium.

Jacob Davies 10D - 391 goals in 354 games. Has left the club, so wont add to this. He was a big contributer to getting Burnley promoted to the PL last year. This season he started 29 PL-games and scored 7. He is really making us proud.

Matthew Rees 18A - 241 goals in 212 games. 57 goals in  42 games this season. A great season which was cut short by a late 3-month hamstring injury. He was unhappy for a brief time in the january-window, but his love for Haverfordwest quickly overcame his desire for a bigger league.


Semi-Interesting stuff

After the season I saw a very promising development. Several of the other teams started buying players from outside the country, which hasn't happenedd before. TNS sometimes brought in some free transfers from England in the early years, but it's been quite some time since the last transfers from abroad. Bangor City lead the way, and brought in 3 players from Ireland and Northern Ireland who all had international experience, from the senior team or u-21. They bought an amazing looking striker, Shane Murray, and it seems that they will be favourite for the 2nd spot this year.

Edited by MCPlay

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Wow, many had great seasons! Too many to mention, but great job people! :) I'm writing up my season report and will post it soon.

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Below is my tracking of my squads Determination.  November 2021 is when I started tracking as I was having multiple (8+ in my squad of 37) players with downward trending Determination.

My presumption is that some calculation of average squad determination (first team? all squads? just players above a certain squad status?) is used and if it is below X (or above Y) then a players Determination can be affected (positively or negatively).  I have made a conscious effort to let lower Det players go where is makes sense and keep around fringe players with higher Det, in order to raise my overall squads Det.  Since the average has been over 8 I have noticed only 1 player with a down arrow for Det in over a year (compared to 8+ at a time previously).


I think I have turned the corner, but I will keep tracking it to make sure.

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One last point of interest.....

do you think this is hindering my chances with getting the board to turn us Pro?


Check our my chairman's personality!.......

Purely for interest, anyone care to share what their current chairman's personality is?

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6 minutes ago, Mushtaq said:

Can you holiday for two seasons to try get the team you want to come up?


(It just cannot be a team that went down in the first season, who comes back up again)

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XaW - Imortal - 2022/23


Table | Past postitons | Squad | Transfers | Finances

My first season in the top tier of Portuguese football, and it was a good one! In the summer window we managed to hold on to everyone I wanted, even though other teams were circling around a couple of our best players and bids were coming in left, right, and center. Still, no one got very angry, and everyone was kept. The fixture draw was anything but kind to us when it gave us ties against Porto, Benfica, and Sporting within the first 5 matches. Needless to say, we had a rough start to the season. This hard start made moral drop to the floor, and we had some poor matches for a while. A successful team meeting, and a hard earned win gave us the confidence we needed and we fought our way back up to mid table. We continued to hover around the center of the table throughout the season. In the winter transfer window our semi-first-choice goalkeeper Pedro Araújo (YP20a) suddenly had lots of teams interested in his service. Then Bayern came with a bid and it was automatically accepted. Was the board at it again? No, this time the error was mine. He had a release clause for £1,6M, and I had forgotten to give him a new one without it. So we lost him, and I can understand why he wanted to join Bayern instead of staying with us. The season went on, and we stayed mid table for the rest of it, and I was very happy with how the season went.

One of our issues this season have been our tiny stadium with a capacity of less than 5k. I asked for expansion at the start of the season, but they board told me it was impossible. But at the end of the season I got this message! So after next season we should move into our new stadium. A big loan, insecure financial state, blah blah blah will be the answers for the next seasons if I were to ask anything I guess.

In the Taça de Portugal we beat Merelinense, CD Tondala, CD Feirense and CD National to progress to the semi final. Here our opponent were Sporting CP. One of the big ones here in Portugal. In the first match, at home, we managed to win it 2-1 after two late goals. In the away match we were 1-0 down as the match closed in on the 90th minute when we had a corner. Our rock in defense João Hugo (YP18c) rose up and thundered a header into the net. We managed to hang on and qualified for the final! Here we were up against Benfica. They got the lead after 14 minutes, but we equalized only 4 minutes later. However they got back in the lead shortly after before getting a third 10 minutes later. After that Benfica controlled the match in, and we couldn't create many chances. We finished as runner-ups, but a very good effort from us. This will not give us any European spot, only the winner gets it. In the Taça CTT we won against Leixões SC to qualify for the group stage. Here we drew SC Freamunde, Benfica and União da Madeira. We gave it our all, but finished 2nd behind Benfica.

The youth:

A very good youth intake. Some very talented players came through this season.

New players:

Olexandr Naumenko (YP23a) - Part Ukrainian left back who went straight into the main squad to fill a gap we have had for a while.
Ricardo Bento (YP23b) - Talented (and tall!) central defender who will be part of the first team next season.
Mário Araújo (YP23c) - Striker I have hopes can do well for us.
Rui Freitas (YP23d) - Good to have a third goalkeeper with some skill.

Fifth intake:

Óscar Mesquita (YP22a) - A very good season. Scored some great freekicks and did great as a defensive midfielder.
Ivo Estebaínha (YP22b) - Easing him into the main squad. Does very good when he gets chances.
David Candeias (YP22c) - Very good stat increase. Don't play were well when he gets some chances, but he still have a lot of time.

Fourth intake:

Tiago Falé (YP21a) - A very good season and are now a regular for us.
Jorge Loureiro (Y21b) - A lot of matches this season, but don't really deliver. Capped by the U19s.
Marcello Gschwend (YP21c) - Not as many matches as last season, but does well.
Pedro Bernardo (YP21d) - 2nd choice now, and got some matches. Conceded quite a bit, but that's not all his fault.
José Carreiro (YP21e) - A decent season. Might fade from the team due to the new arrival.

Third intake:

Pedro Araújo (YP20a) - Transfered to Bayern in January. Capped for the U21s and a great goalkeeper.
Paulinho (YP20b) - Fantastic season as our main striker. Set new goalscoring records throughout the season.
Luís Antunes (YP20c) - A good season as our playmaker.
Jamie Bernardo (YP20d) - A decent season. Got capped for U19s.

Second intake:

Emerson Cordeiro (YP19a) - Loaned out from PAOK to Santa Clara who got relegated from our division this season. (Schadenfreude? Why yes!)
João Pita (YP19b) - A poorer season. Seems to have every other season good and poor so far.

First intake:

João Carvalho (YP18a) - Only 2 sub appearances for A.E.K. this season. Poor progress.
Régis (YP18b) - A good season as our main goalkeeper.
João Hugo (YP18c) - Not as good as last season, but still a good season.
Duarte Pita (YP18d) - Loaned out to the 3rd tier now. Didn't do great. Might stop following him now.
Hélder Rodrigues (YP18e) - Started good, but then got several lengthy injuries. When he came back he had lost his spot in the first 11. Have some work to do.
Franclim Carriço (YP18f) - Loaned out from PAOK to GD Chaves who barely survived relegation. Didn't do very good.
Selton (YP18g) - Didn't play much for Steua, only a couple of the bench.
João Oliveira (YP18h) - A decent season in our defense.
João Veríssimo (YP18i) - Mostly a backup on the wing now.


Season	|         League	      |     Position	   |    Europe	  |         Top scorer             |    Achievements
2017/18	| Campeonato de Portugal Prio |     2nd/7th	   |      N/A 	  |       Ivo Candelas (7)         |   Reached the promotion stage
2018/19	| Campeonato de Portugal Prio |     1st/6th	   |      N/A 	  | Hélder Rodrigiues (YP18e) (17) |   Reached the promotion stage
2019/20	| Campeonato de Portugal Prio |     1st/1st	   |      N/A 	  | Hélder Rodrigiues (YP18e) (25) |   Promoted as Champions
2020/21	|      Ledman LigaPRO         |      10th	   |      N/A 	  | Hélder Rodrigiues (YP18e) (18) |   Safely mid-table
2021/22	|      Ledman LigaPRO         |      1st	   |      N/A 	  | Hélder Rodrigiues (YP18e) (19) |   Promoted as Champions
2022/23	|        Liga NOS             |      8th	   |      N/A 	  |     Paulinho (YP20b) (28)      |   Safely mid-table, cup runner-up


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Førde IL season 9: 

Intake - Review

Not quite there yet. Halfway through it looked like we could make it, but it became clear towards the end that we don't belong here yet. We won a few matches and could have won a few more, but we had problems hanging on to a lead. We managed to dominate posession in most matches, but were never in control in the same way as in the first division. One way we struggled to convert on our chances, the other way we could't keep the opposition out. Still, the season wasn't a complete disaster. We made a lot of money during the season and got the stadium expansion done, so now the stadium holds about 5400 places. We also got the board to improve the youth facilities, and after the season we turned pro, so the process on offering the most promising youngsters full time deals are in progress. We will return!

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17 minutes ago, The_Gato_In_Goal said:

Very nice season @XaW and who doesn't love a Portuguese/Ukrainian player?

Thanks! He is a very good player!

In other news; the chairman strikes again! At least the potential sum was rather good.

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33 minutes ago, XaW said:

In other news; the chairman strikes again! At least the potential sum was rather good.

I actually got really pushed by the press regarding this "rumor" that the chairman had sold players without letting me get a saying. Got asked a lot of questions regarding it, a nice touch there to differentiate from the kind of repetitious mechanic that press meetings are.

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Nice first up go @XaW, pity the stadium came too soon to be named after you.

Rees seems to be on track @MCPlay, a lot depends on injuries though from here. The initial star rating is often off by a fair bit, but the revised ratings can be misleading too, the game seems to up the potential shown if they are currently growing fast even when they ultimately end up topping out where it initially said they would. Still it's better to get a player that reaches their 4 star potential by 18 than one that never reaches their 5 star potential!

Congrats on the promotion @Sanno11, that's one hell of a congested top end of the table.

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Is this the breakthrough year? We are unbeaten after 3 games in the CL, having beaten Anderlecht and gotten a draw against Arsenal and Juventus. We massively outplayed Arsenal and Juve, and was very unlucky to not get 3 points! 5-0 in clear cut chances against Arsenal, such bad luck:eek:

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Whoah, we're halfway there! Whoooah, livin' on a prayer!:hammer:


Suddenly we are dominating the giants. Surely we will advance now?!



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Sometimes the game just makes you want to cry. Got this guy ahead of season 10, but he was too ambitious to sign a full time contract and left on a free transfer to Rosenborg. 

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@Velodromè I was going to just say unlucky on being relegated, but having and losing a player like that is terrible. I hope the comeback season goes well and you forget all about Krosshaug.

@MCPlay That is some win against Juventus, I expect after such a frustrating game against Arsenal that must have been a relief. Interesting to how this improvement in Europe will start to filter into your game.

Edited by Sanno11

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Last year, i didn't finish the challenge, but i want to give it a new try this year after i followed a few stories here in this thread over the last weeks. I chose Portugal as country (yeah, i know, i am the third one already), because it's one of the few leagues i've never managed a team in over all fm versions and they are famous for great youngsters.

My Manager

My club is Eléctrico F.C.

Because of the nice name it was the first of the promoted teams, i checked out. Good youth and good training facilites sold me immediately to take control of the semi-professional team.

There are some really talented players there, for example a good goalkeeper who is only 21. and there are some youngsters, too. In my Under 19s are 4 (!) central defenders with 5 star potential.

But one problem: Every player is on an amateur contract and it looks like a lot of them don't want to sign part-time-contracts, because they're thinking they are to good for the club. And in most of the players other clubs are interested, so i hope i don't lose my whole squad.

The Club


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@Braumiller my chairman's personality is balanced.

@XaW Another excellent season there mate

@MCPlay great results in the champions league there. Good luck for the rest of it

@Velodromè Double ouch there, think losing a keeper like that would annoy/upset me more than relegation :(

@Kazushi80 Welcome.


As for me, I spent my hour train journey today with the game open and coming up with individual training plans (basically 2 or 3 attributes I want a player to improve on, on 2 or 3 month rotational basis) for every single player currently under contract. Think I may have gone a bit OTT with it :lol: 

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Grenoble-Foot 38 - End of Season Review 2018/19


Squad - Table - League Results - French Cup Results - Transfers - Finances

Championnat National - 7th

The board reduced our expectations to a mid-table finish this year. So we managed to exceed expectations and improve on last years finish by 1 position whilst finishing on the same points total. 

All-in-all this season feels like one that got away, rather than another success. We start the year in fine form, going unbeaten for the first 8 games of the season. Unfortunately, we only took 3 wins from those games and that really came back to haunt us at the end of the season after suffering some drops in form over the course of the season. 

We were fantastic at the back all year, only conceding 23 goals and keeping 17 clean sheets in 34 games. It was necessarily that we sacrificed our attacking ability to do this either, in a lot of games I felt like we created opportunities, both one-on-ones and shots from inside the penalty area, but finishing cost us dearly as we only scored 32 goals (the worst in the league). Injuries may have played a part as well as Nicolas Belvito, our best striker by far, missed 2 months with injuries (and was probably hampered for another couple of weeks getting him back up to full fitness).

If we'd just been a little more clinical, we could have made a real push for promotion. 

French Cup - Knocked out in 10th Round

This was a fantastic cup run for us, we breezed through our opposition until the 9th round. There we got the big money draw I'd been hoping for against a Ligue 1 side. We actually took the lead against Montpellier, before the equalised. It was a fairly even game throughout and we took the all the way to penalties. We were perfect, scoring 4 of 4, whilst two misses from there earned us an amazing win!

In the 10th round we got another Ligue 1 side, and again weren't over-running by any means. No goals in the tie lead us to another penalty shoot-out, which to 9 rounds before they finally earned a 7-6 win to knock us out. 

I'm delighted with the cup run. Unfortunately it didn't add much to us financially and really we're going to need promotion sooner rather than later to stay in a reasonable financial state. 

Top Performers

Brice Maubleu (GK) - Maubleu has been ever-present for us this season and has been one of the key's to our fantastic defensive record. He seems to have avoided any interest from bigger clubs, so with a year left on his contract hopefully I should be able to re-sign him without any major issues. 

Maxime Spano (DC) - Another repeat from last season top performers. Spano is our covering centre-back and in that role he's managed a very surprising 6 man of the match awards. I think this comes from him getting huge amounts of interceptions, including a whopping 30 in one game! He's a key player for us and still quite young.

Yassin Mohamed (WBL) - I was debating selling Mohamed early in the season, but some helpful people on here convinced me it was the wrong thing to do. It certainly paid off, with Mohamed having a fantastic year and leading the club in assists with 9. Another relatively young player, although Mohamed may end up being replaced by some of our promising WBLs in the next couple of years. 

Ibrahima Coulibaly (MC) - Coulibaly plays at the centre of our midfield 3 in an Advanced Playmaker (Attack) role. He's done very well at this year, scoring 5 goals and setting up another 4. At 29 he's one of the older members of the first team, but should hold his role for a couple more years at least.

Nicolas Crus (ST) - A role change from Advanced Forward to Poacher, really allowed Crus to thrive this season. Last year, he was very disappointing managing to score only 4 goals in 13(9) appearances. This year, he has been fantastic scoring 16 in 23(7) and becoming the top goalscorer this season.

Youth Watch

Mathias Horjak (YP16A) - Horjak had a great year for us, and was the only outfield player to play in every game this season. He has primarily been playing as a Box-to-Box midfielder, although he has stepped in as an Advanced Playmaker when Coulibaly has been unavailable. He's progressing nicely and will keep his first team role next season. 

Jeremy Amestoy (YP18A) - I have plans on Amestoy becoming the star striker here. His first season didn't go to plan however, with him failing to score a goal until the second to last game of the season despite having plenty of playing time. He has bounced about between roles a little, depending on the availability of Belvito and Crus, but he needs to make some big steps next season or risk being surpassed by some of the other youngsters around the club. We need goals now, so if he can't perform early in the season I will have to give alternatives a try. 

Club Overview

Financially we need to get promotion asap, we're just going to lose money in this division and eventually it could lead to the board selling players over my head. We will lose about £1500 p/w off the wage bill as a couple of players contracts expire, but it's not going to make much of a difference. Cup games didn't seem to make too much of a help so we're stuck losing money for the time being. 

Goals for Next Season

We need to be at least in the running for the promotion spots come the end of the season, if not earning promotion. Within the next two season I want to see us promoted to Ligue 2, or the constant losses we've been making could hinder any real progress after that. We have the players to do it, we just need to score a little more consistently and we'll have a real shot. Hopefully, Amestoy can add some goals this season and Belvito can stay healthy, if so we should be in for a great season. 

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Season 2 (Year 2019) - 1st - Champions/Promotion!

Manager | Club | Squad | Facilities | Transfers | Finances

League+Cup | Fixtures


Youth intake: Great intake, 2 of players are already 1st team members, the GK (of course with his star rating) and DR (developed greatly over the season). Other players also have very nice potential.

U19 Squad: Kids finished 2nd in U19 group and performed really well over the season. The team on top was undefeated for the whole season, so I'm very pleased.

Manager: I finally managed to persuade the board to let me study for first license. My reputation grew slightly, I believe winning the league has to do with it.

Club / Facilities: Managed to upgrade Junior Coaching to "Average" level and also due to upcoming league requirements, the stadium seats are being installed.

Finances: Cup money helped very well in the season, but we are still losing much money monthly. Luckily, higher league should bring more profits.

Cup: Good cup run, we were expected to reach just 2nd round, but made it to 4th round and received nice sum for it.

League: Looking back, I would be pleased with mid table finish, but from the first third of the season we took hold of 1st place and never let go. Morale was flying high throughout the season and was a major contribution to us becoming champions!


Goals for next season: Survival and establishment in the higher league.

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