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[South Korea] (Official) Data Issues

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Please post any data issues related to this Nation here.


  • Please note that much of the data in the database is of a subjective nature, many people will have different opinions about this kind of data and this must be respected. 
  • We would request you all to adhere to the following three point plan when posting in the data topics:


  1. State what you think is specifically wrong with a particular piece of data. 
  2. State what you think the data should be. 
  3. State reasons/proof for your suggested corrections/improvements. 
Please note that any non-data issues for this Nation should be posted in the appropriate thread within the League Specific Issues Forum. This would include issues such as league scheduling and league rules.

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Jeonbuk Data

Erik Endel Paartalu(1301905) Transfer:Al-Kharitiyath, join date: 30/9/2016
Luiz Henrique(19013825) Transfer:Gangwon, join date: 19/7/2016, Squad#:9
Ricardo Lopes(19251597) Transfer:Jeonbuk, join date:  7/1/2016, Squad#:11
Edu(315984) Transfer:Jeonbuk, join date: 20/7/2016, Squad#:81

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Hwang Sun-Hong(5703182) Transfer:FC Seoul, Job as Manager

Jung In-Whan(5707594) Squad#:3
Kim Dong-Woo(66010439) Squad#:4

Osmar(67062727) Squad#:5
Kum Kyo-Jin(66032070) Transfer:FC Seoul,Squad#:18, join date: 19/7/2016
Sim Woo-Yeon(66000675) Squad#:20
Lee Kyu-Ro(66001394) Transfer:FC Seoul, join date: Squad#:88, join date: 20/7/2016
Kim Won-Sik(28016967)Squad#:15
Lee Seok-Hyun(66029658)Squad#:25
Dejan Damjanovic(5741808)Squad#:9
Shim Je-Hyeok(66012750)Squad#:16


Lee Jae-Kwon(66010426) Transfer:Daegu, join date: 1/3/2016
Shim Sang-Min(66032005) Loan:Seoul E-land,Loan join date: 1/8/2016--31/12/2016

Edited by YUSHUBIN92

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Ulsan Data

Frédéric Mendy(85059208)Squad#:10
Ivan Kovacec(24016797)Squad#:44
Kim Yong-Dae(5701697)Squad#:1
Jeong Seung-Hyeon(66034916)Squad#:5
Lee Ki-Je(45046862)Squad#:33
Célio Santos(19008823) Transfer:Ulsan,join date: 27/7/2016,Squad#:29
Jeong Jae-Yong(66029722) Transfer:Ulsan,join date: 23/7/2016,Squad#:17
Kim In-Sung(66012903) Squad#:7
Park Sung-Ho(5701111) Squad#:9
Seo Myung-Won(66014586)Squad#:14


Seo Jung-Jin(66003014) Loan:Seoul E-land
Kim Yong-Jin(66032044) Transfer:Chungju
Kim Min-Gyu(66037053) Transfer:Ulsan Dolphin

Edited by YUSHUBIN92

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Please correct some of the Suwon Samsung(south korea kleague classic) team database

Suwon Bluewings and Daejeon are not rival. 

With Edu moving to a rival club, Suwon's board and fans hate the player.



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Seoul E-Land (66034891) are set as semi-pro but should be professional. This is an issue from when the club was in the DB but in a non-playable league.

For transfer preferences South Korea should have Brazil (the age range I'm not sure what to set but 20 as a minimum age would be reasonable imo)  set to 'most players' as Korean clubs love siging no-mark players purely based on the fact they are Brazilian and Brazilians are by the the most numerous foreigners in K-League history. Further on transfer preferences for region Eastern Europe I'd suggest a median value of 10-12 with a minimum age of 22. This would be fair as Eastern Europeans have long been in abudnace in the K-League.

Choi Eun-Taek (5622901) should be removed as he died in 2007 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Choi_Eun-taek

Bucheon 1995 are missing their non-league history from the K3. This would be worth adding as clubs who formerly played in the non-league National League have histories associated with their non-league times. It should look like this http://imgur.com/a/YTAIW



HongChun Idoo FC (66000521), Namyangju United FC (66010553),& Yongin FC (66010578) should all be set as extinct as they all folded several years ago

The rosters for clubs below the K-League are severly outdated. Minus a few players the clubs have the rosters they had in 2012 (this applies to both players and staff).

The player database is severly bloated. Their are numerous free agents in the db who haven't had clubs in years (some going back as far as 2004 from what I've observed).

Sunghwa College (5704915) should be removed as it was shut down by the government in 2011 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunghwa_College

The participants in the U League (136412) is outdated. The database appears to be how the U League was in 2010.




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Sergio Paulo Nascimento Filho (UID:19088389) has wrong second nationality set. In game it's set as Sierra Leone but I assume this was meant to be set as Syrian. Second nationality can probably be removed outright as his Syrian passport was found to be bogus.



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Min Young-Ki (ID 5703617) retired


Yongin City (ID 66010057) dissolved in 2016


Choi Moo-Lim (ID 5703425) retired? Hasn't played since 2011


Lee Jung-Soo (ID 5701891) retired



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If any South Korea researcher needs help with Khaled Shafiei (who signed with FC Seoul) stats, message me

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Dan Harris (28028381) Seoul E-Land Fitness Coach

Should have a future career preference to be a fitness coach in England

He has bought a house in Dorset, England and is looking to enrol his children in a school nearby

Source: The man himself

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