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Greg lane

Add genuine and real life depth to the tactics using drills and triggers

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I love football manager. The tactical depth is pretty good. I would love to see even more layers of tactical depth.

For example, pressing.

It real life, there is more than one type of pressing.

Is it a general full team press as soon as you lose possession?

Is there a particular trigger to set of the press? Does it start when a player miscontrols? Or when the opposition have possession in certain areas of the pitch. Or when ertain players receive the ball?

Do you press with multiple players to the man on the ball, or aim to cut off the supply to possible team mates?

Is pressing only done during certain phases of the game? Maybe just the first ten minutes? Or first twenty, to try and Crete an early goal?

Which player is responsible for starting the press on your team and why is their trigger?

How about offside tactics? There is more than one way teams implement their offside traps and it is fairly sophisticated and done through constant drills and repetition...do you select a centre back to lead, or does each player refer to the next players position and take lead from the closest full back to the ball?


Attacking tactics in real life are also often the result of preset drills and runs. It would be amazing if the training could involve a training pitch to incorporate setting up drills for pressing, offsides, what type of runs for your forward plyers to make. I don't mean in general "run forward", I mean specifically what common runs should your forward make when our right full back has the ball in his own half?

How do the likes of Jermaine Defoe or Michael Owen being a good example in his prime try to beat the offside trap and play on the last man? It was making the same curved run again and again, not even getting close to receding the ball nine times out of ten, but doing it again and again every time certain players had the ball in certain areas. All done through repetitive training. I would like to setup where and when these types of runs should occur.

Should they run the channel,  make a curved run to beat the opposition offside trap, drop deep, pull wide or stay central...but not just a generic command...I would like to have a pitch setup where you could create the drills and position players into certain situations, then drill and instruct exactly where from and to each player's common movements should be. The quality of your ideas to counteract your opponent and coaches quality, plus the ability of your players to learn the routines can then increase or decrease the likelihood of success in game.


How many top teams just rely on stay forward, or hover around the edge of the area type commands during set pieces? The top teams use meticulous planning and variation during attacking set pieces, with players involved making very specific runs, off the ball blocks, dummy runs intentional offside positioning, adding attacking players to defensive walls, plyers peeling off of walls for a pass "down the side"


The potential for tactical depth is limitless.


I realise this will be of no interest to many people, but I would love to see various subtleties added to the tactical approaches possible.


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