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Greg lane

Full control over tactical positioning

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This sort of idea has been used in previous games (in a very old Amiga game very successfully) and I think it gives the most control possible over tactics.


The idea is to split the pitch into areas in the tactical screen, and be able to select the position of where you would like your players to be with or without the ball. Not just at set pieces, bit in open play.


I understand that people say this type of tactical approach means the players disregard what the other team is doing, but that doesn't have to be the case. Extra instructions can still be used in conjunction with these positions such as man marking at all times, and the players with high intelligence may also be able to behave in a more flexible way.


As well as positioning with or without the ball, further detail could be added by selecting positions depending on the game situation. I.e. you can set up further positions depending on whether you are winning or losing, by how much, and what time during the game the tactics should kick in, or they can be selected manually. There could be another set of positional tactics that could kick in depending on in game weather changes (which I would like to see)


I am not someone who believes the tactics are too hard to use at all, to be honest I have found the last few years games a bit too easy and once you discover a certain tactic works, it pretty much works..... i don't care what you say, but 7 years in a row league winners with no tactical changes made. It has been suggested when similar ideas are mentioned, that we already have control over where the players are via the tactical setup, but I would like absolute control over the runs my players make all over the pitch and in different situations....the basic idea was implemented on 8 bit machines 20 odd years ago and could easily be done very nicely now.  The same tactical system could still be available in game as it is, so that people who don't want this level of control can still set tactics in the same way.

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