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[1.2.2] Loans in Euro Leagues (Sweden specifically)

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When you play in Swe-2 a certain problem shows up every single season (but is by far the worst in season 1). Since AI teams have infinite money and do not need to worry about bankruptcy at all, they will take any loaned out player offered to them, without taking salary into account. The most egregious case I've ever seen was when Vita Hästen (Swe-2) which have a salary budget of 3.5MKr in my version of the db, accepted so many loans their total wage budgets for that season was at 9.9MKr. That's right almost 200% over budget, did this prompt any GM being fired, or those news items about being in economical shambles? Nope, they just used the players they never ever could afford to win the league. This keeps happening in later seasons, but not as much, as by then another issue (NHL players being willing to play in the SHL during their peaks) causes the SHL teams to spend all the money on huge stars rather than infinite depth players. So there aren't as many loaned out players to deal with. I've tried lowering the SHL teams budgets to more reasonable levels to minimize how many pointless depth players they can get. But it just doesn't seem to help. Whatever I do db side, the AI just keeps sending players on loans that aren't economically possible.

To be fair if an SHL team loaned a player down IRL I'm fairly certain they would cover most/all the player's salary. Which would fix this issue (in a way) since as a player you can't just loan to your heart's content without getting in trouble (but the AI can). Not to mention if you try and ask for a loan, your board will give you such a tiny loan budget it's near impossible to get loans yourself, you have to just wait and hope to be offered them. And since this happens so late you'd already have used all your budget building your team at that point. As a result you shouldn't take loans offered to you 9/10 times. This essentially makes the entire loaning mechanic only really work as a crutch for the AI, which to be fair the AI needs, but it's still really annoying to see this stuff happen over and over, and it adds a lot of artificial difficulty to the first season of any 2nd tier league for no good reason.

Then to add insult to injury, during the early summer when your team has no money and no wage budget available, since you get the TV-money and budget update June 30th, and the season ticket income between July 15th and September 15th or so. They go out and use their money (which due to being massively over budget they should not have) to buy up a bunch of the prospects on my shortlist. Hence my comment about the AI having infinite money from before, it's the only reason they would be able to pull off those purchases.

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