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Fantasy Draft in 2017

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will the fantasy draft be polished in the new version?

We are playing it quite regularly and noticed some very annoying things:

1) Language/Adapbility plays a big role! You need to choose your starting country carefully and fill it with player from there.
e.g. Starting in Madrid/Spain and picking players from Ateltico / Real is very strong, while the same players in e.g. Berlin/Germany are playing WAY worse

Actually it's a nice OPTIONAL Feature - but since it's "Fantasy" it should be optional!


2) Fixed money

I've already stated this into the beta of 2016.
PLEASE make it possible to ADJUST the amount of money you have. So you can enter a plain number and not only choose it from 3 varieties.


3) League/Cup Rules

Make it possible to create League/Cup Rules!
So you can create your custom League.

e.g.: No more than 3  non-EU Players, Maximum 25 Players, maximum of 3 above 23-yo players etc.
Would be a great addition!


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