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Creative Freedom Tactic

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Right, I'll avoid posting endless seems of screenshots about my tactic I created for Football Manager 2016.  First off, I haven't played Football Manager 2016 for a certain period of time now, but I thought seeing as I'm intent on playing again, I may as well share this tactic, a tactic I hope I can rework when FM2017 comes out.  

The tactic follows a pretty basic setup but at the same times goes against a lot of WWfan said in his groundbreaking posts about Structure and Fluidity.

In older versions of FM, the idea was to give your team the most high amount of creativity and see what happens.  Usually with a decent team in the Premier league or even sometimes the lower leagues with the right motivational tactics, the media use to comment, (X team) is playing out of their skin.

A bit about me: When I played FM15 I created a tactic which worked brilliantly, despite having played FM since it's first release in 2005, I was still slightly surprised to find out that my new tactic in 2016 was now guaranteed to make me loose everything.  It's all cool though. 

In older versions of FM, with max creative freedom, or as we know call it, vision, fluidity, roaming...etc a good team talk seemed to be "Go out and play your natural game", currently though I use a lot aggressive/passionate shouts. 

Anyway, I'm itching to play the game right now, so I'll just give you outline of the tactic and a bit of how it works, then hope someone else on the forums uses it.  

I can edit this post later with more information. 

Standard Mentality Very Fluid Structure (recommended by another forum member here, Ozil + 10 I believe)  Decided on standard after realizing going control or attacking wouldn't actually affect the creativity to anymore.

Four Shouts:

Much Higher Defensive Line

Closing Down Much More

Be more expressive

Work ball into box OR Shoot on Sight


Personally I use Work Ball into box.  Shoot on Sight is tempting with this creative tactic to see those long shots go.  Personally I prefer work ball into the box. 

Originally at the start of season I had one shout:  Be more expressive.  The other shouts were included to increase possession stat, in which my team is doing average in, which is fine by me. 

Unfortunately, I only half way through the season, sitting top of the premier leagues with hounds very close by, reading to nick my top spot at anytime.  I really should post this tactic with one full season complete, but I have an excuse:

I've bought Football Manager at least for the past five years.  Still haven't made it past one season.  Sometimes when looking up football manager review online, you get that link which says Football Manager is more addictive than "crack".   Well, it's no joke, although I'd like to mention I do not condone or endorse the use of any kind of drugs whatsoever, in relation to what I just said. 

Anyway, I wonder if anyone will use my tactic.  More importantly, here is the positional setup:

                      CF A

AP A (wide)  AP A   AP A (wide)

                AP A   AP A


                  SK A

There are no player instructions except the Sweeper Goalie which is Pass it Shorter, Distribute to Centre Backs and Take Short Kicks

I'll avoid talking about what looks like an obvious flaw in this formation setup.  Defensively, this tactic can still be good with the right players, I have tendency to throw less advanced players on the pitch and I have a problems with injuries as well.  First instinct after signing players in the January transfer window was to start a new game, now I'm going back to my save.  I suffer from Panic buying.

Like I said, I can give more information about this tactic at a later date (I mentioned I was first in the league ((my team is Liverpool)) )  For now though, I'm going to play some Football Manager.

One more thing, Thanks to SI and anyone who helped develop this awesome game.  Thanks to forum as well. 



I haven't thought any names for the tactic right now, it's just called 4-2-3-1 Creativo123 (I'll just change this)

I also realize I haven't mentioned much information about how this tactic plays out in the ME.  Well, one reason is that I haven't played in while.  With work ball into box, should get a lot nice moves and goals coming from with in range.  Sometimes the defense looks isolated, with no holding CM or even a role based on support.  This doesn't stop the two CMs from helping out though.  This is how I sum up now, in the friendlies at the start of the season, I was using gentle team talks, against AC Milan, I saw Lallana score an overhead kick from just on the edge of the box from across.  I haven't seen to much of this since, adopting work ball into box and also go all out with passionate and aggressive team talks.  I'll leave it at that.  Thanks guys. 


4-2-3-1 Creativo123_697A3441-A0E5-46A7-A9BA-09A7AA5A5CC1.fmf


EDIT:  It's actually three shouts.  Because all the midfielders are set up, the tactic doesn't need Work ball into Box, which be overkill and affect the defensive line.  Four shouts only if experimenting with Shoot on Sight.  I wonder if anyone will try this tactic. 

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I think I have a similar feeling than christiansin XV century when the fact that Earth was not the centre of the universe was discovered. Don't get it wrong, mate, but if this tactic really provides anybody decent results (not good, only decent), I'm totally done with fm.

8 attacking duties? 9 with the gk? 5 playmakers? Very fluid+be more expressive?


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Thanks herne79, I will post some screenshots as soon as possible.   Played one game since posting, lost 3-1 to Chelsea in the FA cup fourth round.  Going to train team cohesion on high now to see if I can turn results around, as their has been a lot of business in the transfer window.  Also, playing a semi fit Ings in fourth because he asked for first team football seemed to be a mistake.   


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