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Tactics question/discussion

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Inspired by a radio program I was listening to, where famous ex footballers categorized football into two major styles:

1) defensive or park the bus for underdogs

2) creative football for favorites

They claimed that underdogs or poor teams, start a defensive oriented lineup, and that's relative easy to get a result defending.

On the contrary favorites have it harder, because they need to create chances. Creating chances is either due to brilliant passing like Barcelona, that they can pass their way into the net, or creative footballers that can beat their opponent one on one.

That raised me questions for discussion:

If you are underdogs and try to park the bus, how many defensive oriented players do you start up? 7? 8? 9? all 10 outfield players? How many creative attacking players? 1?2?3?

If you are favorites, what is the minimum of defensive players you ought to have, in order not to be vulnerable at the back? 4? 5? 2?

There are are more questions but let's start with those.


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