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[Discusion] Better interaction with staff

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I feel that the interaction between <the player> and the staff could be better.

Take scouting as an example. If you set you head scout in charge of scouting assignments, he assigns the scouts and they deliver their reports. However, if he continously send scouts to a region you find pretty much useless (and the scouts agree, by saying in the report that they'd be better of scouting somewhere else), you should be able to talk to your head scout, and say that although he's in charge of scouting, you, as the manager, would like for him to focus on other regions, or avoid a certain region. Or, in other cases, to avoid scouting (too detailed) players in certain positions that are just about a waste for you (players who primarily are wing backs, if you only want to play with limited, defensive full backs for instance).

Likewise, if your DoF's in charge of transfers, you should be able to talk to him (or her) about what players you, as the head coach, would like, players who'd fit into your tactical systems, and at the same time, avoiding to buy several players in positions you're already loaded, instead of finding players where you're short in your squad.

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