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SuperLeague of Kosovo in FM17?

Which new European structures would you like to see playable in FM17 or beyond?  

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  1. 1. Which new European structures would you like to see playable in FM17 or beyond?

    • San Marino. The lads in the Career Update Forum and the Challenge Forum have an absolute ball playing there.
    • Gibraltar. If SI can create the structure as an official update, why not stick it in the game from the outset?
    • Azerbaijan. How can Kapaz PFK not be in the game when they average 15,000 per game?
    • Cyprus. I will admit to being astonished that they aren't already in there.
    • Faroe Islands. Both the league and Nation are developing astonishingly rapidly at the moment.
    • Boz-Herz. Serbia & Macedonia are there, why not these?
    • Kosovo. Serbia & Macedonia are there, why not these?
    • Montenegro. Serbia & Macedonia are there, why not these?

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I know that SI don't seem overly keen on introducing new structures within the game, but I wonder with Kosovo being given full membership of both UEFA and FIFA, (much to my personal surprise if I'm honest), I wonder if this might be an exception. 

I should point out that when this has happened recently, (citing Gibraltar as the obvious example), SI have sort of got around it by not adding the (GIB) structure to the main game, but issuing an official Gibraltar League update, (which in my opinion has been a huge success). 

Of course just because a Nation is a member of UEFA & FIFA does not mean that their domestic structure will be playable "out of the box" as it were. Off the top of my head, the following Nations are full members of both, bot their domestic structure is not part of FM16 without downloading 3rd party updates. 

Albania (Avg attendances between 828 - 5,550).
Azerbaijan (Kapaz PFK have the best attendances in the league and they average 15,000+ from what I can see). 
Bosnia-Herzegovina (FK Sarajevo seem to average about 4,500 per game over the last few years).
Cyprus. I've got to admit I'm really surprised that this structure isn't in the game. I would have bet serious money on it being in already). (The average attendance at APOEL is approx 8,000).
Faroe Islands, (although Claassen did an outstanding update for this for FM16). (Avg FH attendance is about 2,000 I think).
Gibraltar, (I have already mentioned that although not in the game out of the box, SI do release an official update every season now).
Kazakhstan (FK Kairat Almaty average approx 9,000).
Kosovo, (are Kosovo any more deserving of inclusion than Bosnia-Herzegovina? On the other hand, theyare an official member of IOC where as Gibraltar are not).
Montenegro. (Buducnost average about 4,200).
San Marino, (are not in the database, but are surely the most popular of those structures, at least on these forums). 

If I'm honest, that list is far bigger than I expected. I certainly didn't expect some of them to be included, such as Andorra, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, (go on Gambin!), and I know that thew "newer" Nations such as Boz-Herz.

Although I would prefer to see the likes of Iceland and San Marino in the game from a personal point of view, I look at structures like Cyprus & Montenegro and I'm astonished that they aren't in there already. 

I know absolutely nothing, (I mean NOTHING!), about Azerbaijan football, but an average attendance of 15,000+ would suggest that from a purely number-crunching point of view, perhaps they should warrant inclusion more than some of the more obvious names on the list.






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I doubt they'll ever do any "official" leagues any more, but could see them doing something like Gibraltar again.  Maybe Kosovo.

Reality is that SI could go to the painstaking process of finding researchers, getting the data up to the required standard, and then getting it into the game, or they can just leverage the community.  The editor is now stable enough (I remember when it was just a box that broke your game more often than not) that these files are - structure wise at least - pretty much the real thing.  Some will point to those files not being "real", but I'd counter by saying that that probably won't matter to the majority that play in those leagues.  You mention San Marino, but most of those challenges are youth only, right?  Which doesn't really need the data to be truly official.

Not that I'm against them adding anything new, I can just completely understand why they wouldn't.  If I was to choose, I'd like them to take a look at Gibraltar and the issues that long term games encounter there, maybe make the data a bit more rich.  Kosovo would be nice as the "new" Gibraltar.  Beyond that, maybe the Highland/Lowland league of Scotland in officially now they're part of the pyramid, from a purely personal standpoint.

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I agree Cyprus is now at a level that merits inclusion (although I'd rather have a few leagues from outside of Europe that are missing first - Japan, Egypt and a few other African nations come to mind). Unfortunately SI seems to have decided not to expand their number of official leagues anymore, and rely on the community work with the editor which seems to be stable enough now.

Kosovo I'm afraid is a little bit further down the pecking order, even if they were to include new leagues, which they aren't.

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I would be happy for ANY new leagues to be added to the game. Going through the painstaking process of finding researchers, getting the data etc., is how SI got to where they are now. I am probably one of the few that doesn't know how to create countries, their leagues and all the rest that comes with it, and I really don't have the time, energy or desire to focus to find out how. I appreciate the work of the editors out there and hope they continue with it, but I don't think SI should rest on that.

I would welcome Gibraltar style trials to see if a country is popular enough to be included in the following FM. My opinion of SI's comeback that you can download a country's set-up is quite lazy on their part. The game needs some fresh blood. I would never call for certain Asian countries to be removed from the game, but when you've got the likes of the ACON, how are there not bigger and better nations in Africa playable?

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Having had a go at creating a Kosovo database for 14 and 16, I would like nothing more for Kosovo to be included in game. Unfortunately this is not likely to happen unless the reasons stated above come to fruit. 

For now I would be more than happy for them to just be a playable national team in FM17. 

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Luxembourg would be cool :thup::thup:

but i don´t mind anyway, because I´m doing a complete db for it for fm16 and fm17

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If someone watched the game Finland vs Kosovo, I guess they would agree that Finland were very lucky to escape with a 1-1 draw. For a team that made its first competitive match, it was a really solid game, playing attacking and beautiful football. Considering the overall young age of the team, it has great potential, they just need a more experienced manager.

I think it will a be a good challenge in FM17 to manage a club in Kosovo, since they start with 0 coefficient, and try to take them to CHL glory :) 

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On 06/09/2016 at 20:37, SlobaSFM said:

Bosnia deserve league on default game. :)

Does seem slightly random that Slovenia's in but Bosnia's not.

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