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Interaction with DoF

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I sometimes play with the settings that the Director of Football is in charge of contract renewals and transfers, as I think that's quite a bit how it really is "out there", at least a lot of places. But then I'd like to be able to talk to my DoF, to get a sort of agreement on what players to buy (and also, to sell). If I arrive at a new club, with a DoF, and I plan to play a certain style or formation, then I think it would be appropriate to have a discussion with the DoF, so that I could tell him what kind of players I believe we need to aquire. As it is now, suddenly he's gone and bought two LBs (one who's also a CB, but still), and brought in another on loan, while we had one in the squad already, who was capable of playing first team, full time. (I know I have the option of rejecting these transfers before they're completed, but that's not the point)
On the other side of the transfer sector, I'd like to talk with him about the squad, and agreeing on who in the first team squad we could offload (instead of going through each player and setting him to the "unwanted list", this could be part of a "pre-season meeting" between the DoF and myself).

In those cases where I arrive at a club, and a DoF's in place, the realistic thing would be to have him in charge of transfers, but as Head Coach, I presume I'm entitled to have my say in what kind of players he should try to acquire, instead of him just going on a "shopping spree" all by himself. Of course, there could (should/would) be the odd player he brings in, who I'd strongly disagree with, but the main "transfer plan" should be laid between us.




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